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Embarrassing Misspelling Of 'School' Crosswalk Has Officials Scrambling

Embarrassing Misspelling Of 'School' Crosswalk Has Officials Scrambling
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Spelling mistakes happen, even with predictive text and spell check.

It looks bad when its on business signage, but it looks really bad when a crosswalk for a school misspells "school."

This very thing happened in Doral, Florida. A school crosswalk was labeled "scohol" instead of "school".

The spelling mistake went viral and Florida school officials had to scramble to fix the issue.

Maxwell Easter, an onlooker, said:

""It's not a good thing when you misspell school. It's not a good look. At all."

It has also brought out people who want selfies with the misspelled crosswalk.

Easter added:

"My buddy pulled it up on Twitter and saw that someone had misspelled school and we had to come see it for ourselves."

While the misspelling was a moment of brevity for a lot of people, it won't last for long. The city of Doral tweeted that they would be fixing the issue quickly.

Of course one Twitter user pointed out another odd ball misspelling.

Of course, folks tweeted all sorts of responses to the spelling mistake.

Stay in scohol kids.