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Elon Musk One-Ups Satirical Article Saying He Airdropped 'Cybertanks' With Flamethrowers Into Ukraine

Elon Musk One-Ups Satirical Article Saying He Airdropped 'Cybertanks' With Flamethrowers Into Ukraine
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIME

Elon Musk has become known in recent years for taking the wrong side on things, even dallying with the far-right.

But when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Musk has chosen the right side of history. And over the weekend, he had a good time laughing about it with satirical news site The Babylon Bee.

After the site, often called a Christian conservative answer to The Onion, satirized Musk's recent donations of satellite internet equipment to Ukraine, he had an even better retort, and his fans are loving it. See their Twitter convo below.

The Babylon Bee's ribbing comes after Musk agreed to send Ukraine some of his Starlink internet terminals, which provide internet service via satellite, to keep the country connected to communications amid Russia's bombardment of cities across the country.

In the spirit of the often outlandish-sounding stuff that Musk's company SpaceX develops, The Babylon Bee ran a satirical story called "Elon Musk Airdrops New Flamethrower-Equipped Cybertanks Into Ukraine." If only such technology existed! The Ukrainians could surely use it right about now.

But for Musk, the idea of such a thing was too limiting, so he countered with a better idea:

"Pshaw, how pedestrian! I was thinking more … space dragons with 'lasers'"

Space dragons with lasers are unlikely to be available any time soon, sadly--nor are flame-throwing cybertanks, for that matter. But Musk's fans on Twitter loved the idea all the same.

Musk's gifting of Starlink internet equipment to Ukraine has been such a huge help to the country's counter-offensive that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took to Twitter over the weekend to personally thank Musk for his help. Zelenskyy also announced that Musk has agreed to send more Starlink equipment in the coming days.