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So Apparently We've Been Eating Pot Pies Wrong This Whole Time—And People's Minds Are Blown

So Apparently We've Been Eating Pot Pies Wrong This Whole Time—And People's Minds Are Blown

Here's a newsflash for pot pie-lovers: you've been eating them incorrectly.

Meat pies are a delectable delight, but we can't enjoy them on a whim at home. Thank goodness for frozen pies; honestly, who has time to make them from scratch?

However, as convenient as they are the frozen circular pies pose two problems, according to James Park for Eater.

The first is the aluminum shell the pies are baked in.

Not only is it difficult to cut out a perfect slice in those tiny tins, but digging into it with a fork also destroys all hope of getting that perfect crust-to-filling ratio.

The second problem has to do with texture. The filling can overpower the crust, making it soggy. Some people prefer that. Most don't.

This simple hack will turn your world upside down.

Simply flip the pie over. That way, you get the perfect balance of filling and crust in every bite.

The food and dining review aggregator posted an eye-opening thread, informing pie fans:

"If you're eating a pot pie without flipping it over, you're doing it wrong."

Allow them to explain:

Pot pie-lovers were blown away.

By removing the pie from the aluminum shell and turning it over onto a plate, the bottom crust becomes the top crust, making it easier to cut into it with the side of the fork for that perfect bite.

Who knew?

Those who've known about the hack all along came forward and patted themselves on the back.

Americans – we sure have a peculiar way of eating pot pies, according to our friends from afar.

The thread revealed other unconventional ways of enjoying pot pies.

No matter how you slice it, we can't tell you how to live your life.

Take it or leave it.

Enjoy your frozen treat in your soggy, messy way. Bon appétit.