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Clip Of Drew Barrymore Rushing To Comfort Fan Who Was Crying During Her Show Is Everything

The actor and daytime talk show host was ready to fight whoever made the audience member cry, only to find out she was the overwhelmed fan's 'childhood idol.'

TikTok screenshots of Drew Barrymore and fan

Don't think for a second that Drew Barrymore reserves her close proximity and heartfelt embraces for only the guests on her couch.

A clip posted by The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday revealed the host shares her trademark intimacy with members of her audience, as well.

In the video, Barrymore noticed an upset fan in the audience who was audibly sobbing and visibly shaken.

In the middle of filming, the E.T. star rushed to the fan, asking:

"Are you okay? Did anything happen?"

The fan's friend spoke on her behalf, expressing she is a huge fan of the host's.

You can watch the clip below.


We 💚 our audience members! #bts #behindthescenes #drewbarrymore

Relieved, Barrymore exhaled:

"Oh thank God it's nothing bad!"

The 50 First Dates star then revealed her initial reaction.

"You could see me coming up here, I was like, 'Tell me where they are! I will take them down! Who made you cry?'"

The fan, who introduced herself as Olivia, then told Barrymore:

"You're just, like, my childhood idol."
"I don't want to be that person, to like, cry."

To which Barrymore replied:

"Screw that! Be that person!"

The host then told Olivia she had the "urge" to sit on her lap and swallow her in a warm hug, which she did, before adding:

"This is just such an honor for me to meet you."

She then apologized for having "dumpling breath" before laughing:

"It's so funny that you would say, 'I don't wanna cry here.'"
"I cry here all the time!"

Viewers on both TikTok and Instagram all concurred Barrymore's love just hits different.













She truly is a national treasure.