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Trump Just Spelled 'History' Wrong In Another Bragging Tweet About His Tulsa Rally, And Twitter Let Him Have It

Win McNamee/Getty Images

If the content of President Donald Trump's tweets isn't enough to tip readers off that they're given in the moment, the typos should be.

From "hamberders" to "covfefe" and numerous other mistakes, the President's Twitter typos are a regular occurrence, but a recent one is making waves.

After his sparsely-attended rally at the BOK center in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past weekend, the President took to Twitter to brag about the virtual viewers of the rally.

See if you can spot the typo.

Trump bragged that—though the in-person attendance of the rally was abysmal compared to what the campaign expected—the rally gave Fox News its largest audience in "HUSTORY."

People didn't hesitate to mock him—including anti-Trump Republican PAC, The Lincoln Project.

After the infamous "covfefe" typo, the President implied that it was deliberately left as some sort of cryptic message—an excuse many in his base accepted.

In response to "hustory," some of his more ardent supporters assured that the President didn't make a mistake.

Regardless, the President's emphasis on virtual viewers is most likely an attempt to justify the small turnout.

After weeks of boasting record high reservations at over one million, only 6,200 people watched the event from the 19,200 person arena.

It's not something Trump's critics intend to let him forget.

Trump will soon speak to an audience of three thousand students in a Teens for Trump rally in Arizona, where new cases of the virus have seen a massive uptick.