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Trump Used His Pandemic Briefing To Declare That He's 'Number One On Facebook' Out Of Nowhere, And Nobody Is Having It

Tens of thousands of Americans have been infected with the virus behind the global pandemic.

At a recent press conference held to address the national crisis, however, Trump felt it was important he take a few moments to recognize the fact that he's "number one on Facebook."

You can see the awkward moment here.

Twitter users were disgusted that President Trump couldn't tone down his self-adoration for even a single press conference.

Americans are dying, but President Trump is simply incorrigible.

It's also worth noting that, by almost any measure, Trump is NOT "number one" on Facebook.

For President Trump, there's no point to these briefings if he doesn't get to brag a little.

This November, voters should remember what the President said as Americans were dying.

President Trump has shown time and time again where his allegiance lies: with himself and himself only.

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