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Don Jr.'s Snarky Suggestion That Torn Down Statues Be Replaced With Ones Of His Dad Turns Into A Glorious Self-Own

The Washington Post/Getty Images

As Confederate monuments are being removed all around the country, President Donald Trump has repeatedly made it clear he's on the side of the statues of Confederate generals.

As in all things, the President's son Don Jr. stepped right into line behind his father. He suggested that if protesters want to remove Confederate monuments, the statues should be replaced with sculptures of Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, Trump Jr.'s snarky remark backfired pretty spectacularly on Twitter.

Don Jr. was right about one thing—people would NOT be excited about a series of Donald Trump statues.

Others were excited about the idea.

In fact, countless Twitter users offered their suggestions for which Trump statue to use.

President Trump has always inspired some pretty dramatic art.

President Trump also recently said that any protesters who tear down Confederate monuments should be sent to jail for ten years.

President Trump claims to have a strong sense of history, but he clearly isn't aware of what some of his idols did during their lifetimes.

Next time Donald Trump Jr. wants to land a burn, he might want to head to a place on the internet where he's a bit more popular.