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Don Jr. Cries Foul After Transgender Cyclist Wins World Championship In Record Time

Don Jr. Cries Foul After Transgender Cyclist Wins World Championship In Record Time
Bob Levey/Getty Images for Left/Right TV; OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

Transphobic people often make false claims to try to demonize transgender people and make their lives more difficult.

False stories about bathroom dangers with zero evidence is just one tactic.

Many of the lies revolve around "protecting" cisgender women and girls from transgender women. No such precautions are touted for cisgender men.

Another way transphobic people attempt to make life more restrictive for transgender women is through sports. The claim is often made that a transgender woman would unfairly dominate any sport she participates in.

Despite decades of transgender women competing in all levels of athletics and not dominating, inevitably someday, some transgender woman would be talented enough to win.

And the transphobes could get their "aha—told you so" moment. That time is now and the woman is Canadian cyclist Rachel McKinnon.

McKinnon recently won a women's indoor track cycling championship. And sports and transgender rights experts came out of the woodwork, but not to congratulate McKinnon.

Donald Trump Jr.—hoping to score points with bigots everywhere—decided to weigh in with his extensive knowledge of human gender and competitive sports.

He tweeted:

"You can never be woke enough! Sorry to all female athletes who spent their lives mastering their games."

But McKinnon defended her right to be treated like other women.

Serena Williams has a big advantage over me in tennis. Simone Biles has a distinct advantage over me in gymnastics.

They're both more talented and they trained really hard. So did McKinnon.

Unfair? At one time, people claimed it was.

Of course the transphobes with their misinformation were out in full force.

Most took a decidedly religious view.

Transgender people have existed in global cultures for millennia. Despite that, the holy books associated with religions being cited fail to condemn them.

Undeterred, Trump Jr. soldiered on in his fight for equality and the rights of women.

Given his father's record on women's rights and Jr.'s call for equal pay and access to healthcare for women, this seems to be about something else entirely. Way to swing for that low hanging fruit though.

Trans rights are human rights.

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