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Dog Owner Slammed After Admitting Her Dog Peed All Over Frozen Food At Trader Joe's

TikToker @meatymollie called out an 'entitled' fellow TikToker who admitted that her dog had peed 'on all the fish sticks' at Trader Joe's, slamming it as a 'biohazardous situation.'

TikTok screenshots of original poster and @meatymollie

It's one thing (an entirely acceptable thing) for a service animal to accompany their human on a grocery store run. It's another thing for a pet owner to bring their fur baby into an establishment that serves or sells food just because.

But bringing a pet into a Trader Joe's—which clearly states at the entrance that no pets are allowed inside—out of sheer entitlement and then laughing on TikTok that your dog urinated on food products in said establishment is an entirely different category, one that really shouldn't exist at all.

But here we are.

In a now-viral stitch on TikTok, creator @meatymollie called out an irresponsible and unapologetic dog owner who took to the platform to share a funny-to-only-her story about her dog Hamilton's shenanigans.

The original video begins with the pet owner's ick intro:

"One of us pissed on all the fish sticks at Trader Joe's and I didn't take my pants off and piss."

@meatymollie was not amused.

"I am dead serious when I say there is an epidemic of entitled dog owners who do not understand how much of a public nuisance they are."
"This girl was responsible for creating a biohazardous situation at a grocery store for allowing her dog to pee all over the food, but she also comes onto TikTok and jokes about it like it's some quirky, funny situation we could all find ourselves in."

The TikTok then goes back to the original video where the pet owner explained that she took Hamilton to her local Trader Joe's, in the front of the cart, of course, because he looks like a "little baby."

All of a sudden, she looked to find her dog peeing all over a freezer case full of fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and drumsticks.

Again, @meatymollie called her out.

"Call me crazy, but I don't actually think it's that cute to take your untoilet-trained dog and sit them somewhere that is meant for a human child."

She continued:

"The fact that that tiny little dog had enough time to pee absolutely everywhere tells me that this girl was not paying nearly enough attention to them. Like if you're going to bring your dog somewhere that they do not belong, the absolute least you can do is keep your eye on them."

Aside from the main event that transpired, however, the TikToker was most appalled by the pet owner's lack of accountability and remorse.

The pet owner was "inconvenienced" by spending $400 on the tainted food items but had no care whatsoever that employees had to clean and package her items for her. She also never apologized that they were forced to empty, clean and disinfect the freezer.

The icing on the cake, though, was that the pet owner shared the way she would make things right is to shop at a different Trader Joe's with her dog from now on.

@meatymollie finished her stitch:

"At the end of the day, people who bring their dogs everywhere are not doing it because they prioritize their pet's well-being."
"They just think they should be allowed to do whatever they want."

You can watch below.

WARNING: NSFW language


i LOVE dogs, but irresponsable dog owners make me want to rip my hair out. also, #adoptdontshop ! #fyp #traderjoes #dogsoftiktok

Viewers of the TikTok shared they've noticed a rise in the number of canines in public places.





Several, of course, felt just awful for the employees who had to handle the situation.





All in all, viewers completely agreed with @meatymollie's take and understood her frustration.






@meatymollie's stitch has been viewed more than 4.6 million times already. Let's hope some irresponsible pet owners learned a thing or two!