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There Was A 'Leak' Of 'Detective Pikachu' That Definitely Caught Fans Off Guard

There Was A 'Leak' Of 'Detective Pikachu' That Definitely Caught Fans Off Guard

Excitement for Detective Pikachu is reaching a fever pitch as fans eagerly await the arrival of the film on May 10.

Given how desperate they are to watch the movie, star Ryan Reynolds must have realized how easy it would be to troll them in the most epic way possible.

On Tuesday, May 7, a full three days before the film was supposed to be released, Reynolds tweeted out something that certainly looked like a link to the full, leaked movie...

Unfortunately (or, perhaps, more fortunately than ever) Reynolds's link did not take anyone to the real Detective Pikachu movie.

What it DID supply was an almost equally valuable feature-length video of Detective Pikachu dancing to 80's-style synth music.

The video was high quality by any rating system one would care to use.

The footage only made fans more excited for the upcoming movie.

People couldn't stand how cute the CGI-animated Pikachu looked!

The video even spawned its own new meme: making Pikachu dance to other music!

Some of the music choices were obscure at best...

If the Detective Pikachu movie is half as good as this promo, people are not going to be disappointed.

May 10th can't come fast enough!

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer