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Denny's Customer Throws Tantrum After 'Liberal Idiots' Criticize Her For Leaving Dogs In Hot Car

Denny's Customer Throws Tantrum After 'Liberal Idiots' Criticize Her For Leaving Dogs In Hot Car

A new "entitled person" has debuted in a now viral TikTok that was recorded inside a Denny's restaurant.

TikTok user Hannah Flaa—@highhan—posted a short video of a woman screaming and cussing before storming out of the restaurant chain.

The TikToker explained the altercation in the video's caption.

The woman became angry when someone expressed concern for the woman's dogs who were left in the car outside.


this lady had dogs in her hot car and some girl tried to tell her to not do that 🤣 #fyp #dennys

The person the woman is arguing with cannot be seen, but a Denny's waitress walks into the frame, trying to appear unfazed as she does her job.

The woman can be heard defending leaving her dogs in a car by claiming to be a vet tech, before her rant becomes political.

"Go away, you f'king idiots"
“God damn liberal idiots today."
"I’m sick of these f'king young people."
"God damn young people, that’s what’s wrong with this world.”

Other diners are heard shushing her before she finally leaves.

TikTok users thought her comments about liberals and young people were ironic, considering her behavior.


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Commenters pointed out it is fairly common knowledge it is dangerous to leave pets in cars.





An article on Hills Pet explains even on a mild day, the interior temperature of a car can quickly rise to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

On a cold day, pets can potentially suffer from hypothermia.

Dogs can suffer from heat stroke within 30 minutes of being in a hot car, something a veterinary technician should know.

And of course, because it is TikTok, there were jokes made about the incident.

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Again, most people know dogs can die if left in a car.

In fact, some states have made it illegal to leave a pet in a car, and some even have laws that protect citizens for breaking a car window to save an animal, according toDogington Post.