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Fans Stunned After Finding Out Why DC Would Never Let Batman Go Down On Catwoman

DC Comics

The adult animated series Harley Quinn is a boundary pushing show, taking popular DC characters in the Batman universe and having them swear up a storm, murder people with plenty of gore and involve them in plenty of sexual moments.

Except for one particular sexual moment.

Fans were stunned and highly amused when co-creator Justin Halpern recounted a storyline involving Batman performing cunnilingus on Catwoman was cut after DC explicitly refused to let Batman perform oral sex on a woman.

The reason they gave?

"Heroes don't do that."

DC didn't give a concrete reason for why heroes would not perform cunnilingus, except it was "hard to sell a toy if Batman is also going down on someone."

As for the other characters, Halpern said there was more "leeway" with villain characters, as DC didn't necessarily care about their greater image.

The jokes and memes are rolling in from Twitter, as this may be one of the more ridiculous developments to come out of the superhero universe in quite some time.

Is this one more reason Marvel is beating DC at the box office?

Only The Avengers know for sure.