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Utah Politician Apologizes For Claiming 'The Left' Wants Everyone To Be Bisexual In Bigoted Facebook Rant

Utah Politician Apologizes For Claiming 'The Left' Wants Everyone To Be Bisexual In Bigoted Facebook Rant
Salt Lake County Council

Republican County Councilman David Alvord of Salt Lake City recently became the target of widespread criticism over a since-deleted, bigotted Facebook post.

In his lengthy post, Alvord wrote:

"...the left won't be happy until we each have light brown skin, exactly alike (or else there will remain someone whiter than the another)."
"They…wont be happy until we are all bi-sexual or in non-committed relationships…. they won't be happy until we are as miserable as they are."

Alvord was widely criticized for his comments by his own colleagues, including the Mayor of Salt Lake City.

Other things the "left" wanted, according to Alvord, included "same sized residential pods," "no children," "no one smiles," and "[no one] laughs more than another."

Alvord removed the post when contacted about it by the Salt Lake Tribune. He told them in a text message:

"I think I could have been more diplomatic. What I wanted to challenge is to really consider the endgame of the far left. What mission is accomplished?"

While defending himself to the Tribune, he said:

"...and I don't think biological males should compete against biological females in sports."
"It's probably actually dangerous. Someone could get killed. Another way of saying it is that I think the left is going too far."

Alvord would later issue an apology, but many of his colleagues and constituents had already spoken out against him.

The councilman wrote in his apology:

"Social media is a place for ideas and conversation. My post was meant to engage in discussion about where 'cancel culture' is heading, which I believe has a dangerous destination. The examples I came up with were simply hyperbole meant to illustrate why cancel culture is problematic."

Twitter was not kind to yet another elected official espousing bigotted beliefs, and many made it clear that they believed Utah could do better.

The political future of Alvord, who previously served as the mayor of South Jordan City, Utah, seems to be in grave jeopardy.

Which is pretty easy to predict after such unacceptable behavior.