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Dad Has Epic Response After Neighbor Says He 'Failed' As A Parent Because He Has Two Gay Kids

Dad Has Epic Response After Neighbor Says He 'Failed' As A Parent Because He Has Two Gay Kids

Meeting new neighbors can be stressful; you have to live near these people so making a good impression, or at the very least a neutral one, tends to be important. There are tons of ways to do that, but the events of this article start with an example of how not to do it.

A man's new neighbor chose to make their first impression by insulting him and his family, so he took some deliciously petty steps to make the new neighbor feel (un)welcome. One of the man's kids shared video of dad redecorating for the neighbor—and the clip has the internet cheering.

As the user explained via text overlay:

"My dad's new neighbor said having 2 gay kids means he failed as a parent... So DAD took a moment then replied with this... No, saying things like that does."

The video, shot from inside the house, shows Dad outside.

He is placing huge pride flags around the exterior of the yard space, effectively creating a pride wall between them and the new neighbor/homophobe/parenting "expert."

The video now has almost 2 million views on TikTok


Some AWESOME shade from my dad 😂🌈 #gay #dad @claire_training

That's just TikTok, though.

People are talking about the clip—which has the TikTok comments disabled—on Twitter too.

Heartwarmingly, there were quite a few stories out there about dads, pride flags and standing up for their LGBTQ+ kids.

Passive-Aggressive Flag Fights = Dads' Domain

Flags aren't the only way this dad fights homophobia and celebrates his children.

TikTok is full of adorable videos of the family bonded and enjoying life together.

They've got wholesome dances:


#gay #lesbian #family

Tear-Jerking proud dad quotes:


I love his answer #gay #dad #lgbtq #pride

And this advice to other parents:


Who else is loving @claire_training ‘s shuggle at the start? 😂❤️🌈 #lgbt #lgbt #gay #lesbian #dad #dance

Part of the reason this family is so special is because dad wasn't always this supportive.

In fact, according to videos, it used to be a very different story.

The now-proud father admits he was initially ashamed of his children for being gay. He was rigid, conservative, Trump-supporting, homophobic and closed-minded.

Everything changed after the death of his wife.

The family-values man realized he had rejected and ostracized his family, friends and community because of who they loved. He was determined to never make that mistake again and set out to make it right.

He started celebrating neighbors, his children and grandchildren, and even stepped in to support and uplift a neighbor who came out in his 70's and was rejected by his family for it.

This dad and his two gay kids continue to support and educate, hoping other families won't miss out on time and togetherness like they did.

Even if their neighbors don't love it.