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Guy Accidentally Starts A Frenzy About His Dad Having A Gay Love Affair With David Bowie After Posting A Picture Of Them Together

Guy Accidentally Starts A Frenzy About His Dad Having A Gay Love Affair With David Bowie After Posting A Picture Of Them Together
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One of the things that makes the internet so fun is that occasionally, something that seems totally pedestrian and run-of-the-mill strikes the internet as anything but.

Then we all get to obsess and have a hearty laugh.

That's precisely what happened to a Redditor who posted what he thought was just a cool photo of his Dad and David Bowie on a motorcycle, but everyone else on Reddit saw on Reddit saw as a portrait of two dudes who were definitely more than friends.

It all began when Redditor ELFIRE11 posted this very cool photo of his Dad meeting David Bowie while on vacation in Greece back in 1988, to the OldSchoolCool subReddit.

Reddit describes OldSchoolCool as, "**History's cool kids, looking fantastic!**" and this photo definitely fits the bill! ELFIRE11 thought it would end there, but that's not at all how it went down. Because... well, there's something vaguely homoerotic about this photo isn't there?

ELFIRE11's fellow Redditors noticed it too. And soon, the Original Poster (OP) was making a different kind of Reddit post about his Dad's brush with stardom-a story in the TIFU (Today I Fuc*ed Up) subReddit, titled "TIFU by posting my dad's picture with David Bowie"

"It's not really a fu*k up, it's more of a chaotic scenario i made for myself."
"So back in 1988, my dad went with his friends to a vacation in Greece. By extreme luck, somehow, my dad found David Bowie, riding on a rented motorcycle. My dad, who's a really big fan of him, went to him and asked him if is it cool to take a picture with him."

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Very cool.

Who wouldn't want a photo with Bowie?

"David agreed and even let my dad to seat on the motorcycle behind him for the picture. My dad, overly excited, set down on the motorcycle really close to David, and one of my dad's friends took the picture for him."

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Dounds like Bowie and the Dad were kinda... ya know... *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

"Back for today, i asked my dad if it's cool if i'll upload the photo for r/oldschoolcool because i knew that sort of pictures are welcomed in the sub. So instead of thinking an extra second, i wrote in the title "my dad with David Bowie in a vacation in Greece. 1988" (I didn't even noticed the typo "in a vacation")"
"Because of my dumba*s title and my dad sitting to close to Bowie, literally all of the comments are how my dad and Bowie had sex on that vacation and how my dad is actually gay."

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"For now I posted the picture about 7 hourse [sic] ago, and it reached to r/all with 55k upvotes and 2.4k comments with with almost all of the comments are in the style of 'your'e adopted' your dad and Bowie def banged bro' etc."
"At the start it was really funny, i showed some of the comments to my dad and he laughed his a*s off, but now with like 2.5k comments like that it's just straight up chaos. The internet is a beutiful [sic] mess."

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A "beautiful mess" is the perfect description.

And OP's fellow Redditors had an absolute ball with this one.

"I firmly believe that Bowie was the coolest being to grace this planet. And that he and your dad fuc*ed." --awnomnomnom
"Your dad's hand positioning, he's a power thruster." --DBungFizzle
"Butts to nuts with Bowie?!?!" --cnechiporenko
"If Bowie rides up in some shorty shorts and says hop on, then by god you get your little hiney on that bike." --Mitch_Toughy
"its crazy that by the time this picture was taken Bowie had already been famous for 20 years. and that he fuc*ed your dad" --fugged_up_shib
"Just found out my dad was gay last year. Don't worry it's not that bad, and at least your dad was doing Bowie...mine was just doing some dude in the IT department." --gregrasmuson
"This is Major Tom to Pound Control." --ModsRussianFcks
"Dads can have little a sex with David Bowie, as a treat" --TannenDelaney
"You can fu*k David Bowie, and in turn be fuc*ed by him, on multiple occasions over a long span of time, and never be gay. Bowie is outside the realms of gay/bi/straight."

"Your dad is a bowiesexual." --account_not_valid
"Don't let them get to you, it's a cool picture and nothing about that means your dad banged David Bowie. However Bowie 100% banged your dad" --Pinhead___Larry

We should all be so lucky to have been one of David Bowie's paramours, so here's to OP's Dad.

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