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Dad's Attempt At Checking Son's Diaper Quickly Turns Into 'High-Speed Chase' In Hilarious Viral TikTok


And he's off to the races!

What should have been a run of the mill diaper change quickly turned into an all out chase for one Australian father.

TikTok was placing bets on who crossed the finish line first.

You can see the action here:


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TikTok user @theMoDad shared with the TikTok world what should have been a routine diaper check.

But his infant son had other plans as he took off down the hallway, leading his unsuspecting father on a wild goose chase through the house.

TikTok users had their eyes glued to the screen as they followed the pursuit with bated breath.





The adorable and mischievous antics caught on video of the toddler have raked in over 18 million views, 3 million likes, and nearly 31,000 comments.

In the 9 second, action-packed TikTok, viewers can see @TheMoDad going to check his son's diaper when all of a sudden the toddler darts away from his father.

@TheMoDad can be heard narrating the events saying:

"I'd like to check that nappy, just a few questions about that nappy."

His son then makes a mad dash for the hallway as his father continues to give a blow by blow of the scene, going on to say:

"Oh my god."
"White male, southbound."
"About 3'3"."
"In pursuit with a K-9 unit. Unarmed."

TikTokers were quick to join in, wanting a piece of the action.




@TheMoDad gave viewers an update, providing TikTok with the conclusion to the pursuit.


Diaper duty used to be a drag, but @theMoDad's creativity made this diaper change a drag race worth watching.