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The Creepiest Things People Have Seen In Broad Daylight

Reddit user nightsreader asked: 'What’s the creepiest thing you’ve seen in broad daylight?'

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When it comes to people seeing creepy things, it mostly happens at night. It's not pleasant, but at least it's expected. You're supposed see creepy things in the dark.

What isn't expected is seeing creepy things in the light of day. It's not unheard of, however.

People can see bad or creepy things -- injuries, accidents, crazy people -- in broad daylight

My dad told me a story about something he saw in daylight. He was walking down the street of his hometown in India. There are cows everywhere in India, and sometimes bulls too. He saw a group of cows and bulls in the middle of the street, but since that was normal, he paid them no attention.

What did catch his eye was a guy on the other side of the street. He was well-built and walked in the opposite direction of my dad. My dad only looked at him for a split second, but that was enough. One second, my dad was looking at this man walking. The next second, the man was on the ground, pinned under a bull!

No one was really sure how it happened or why -- attacks aren't all that common. And the bull didn't even seem all that enraged. Before anyone could think of what to do, the man actually managed to fight the bull off! He pushed the bull off of him, got up, unhurt, and continued walking!

It's been decades since this incident, and my dad still hasn't forgotten about it. I wouldn't forget either!

My dad is not the only one who has seen something that crazy in broad daylight. Redditors have, too, and they are eager to share their stories.

It all started when Redditor nightsreader asked:

"What’s the creepiest thing you’ve seen in broad daylight?"

The Winner of Hide and Seek

"I look out my front window and see a lump on my lawn that looks out of place."

"I think... That really looks like a dude in a ghillie suit on my front lawn."

"I keep staring at it and become more and more convinced it is a dude in a ghillie suit. And I start to freak out a bit and don't know what I am supposed to do in this situation... Like, do I call the cops?"

"Then a bunch of neighborhood kids run up to the lump, and the actual factual real dude in a ghillie suit gets up. It was an older kid or a dad or something playing hide and seek in a ghillie suit."

– Lespaul42

"Good demonstration that human beings can detect more shades of green than any other color, and just why we can do it!"

– Retr0shock

"I love the idea of that moment when he gets up, and you breathe a sigh of relief that it's not just the psychosis you developed at a festival in 2004 finally setting in."

– WantonCynic


"Was taking the subway one day, and a lady was walking around chugging a massive bottle of hot sauce. Bloodshot eyes, tears streaming down her face. Of course, she sat next to me on the two-seat bench. At first, she was complimenting my nails and then she just started staring at me, much too close for comfort."

"She still had tears down her face, still chugging the hot sauce. I made a comment asking if it was good or something. She acted like I was crazy for noticing it? This was at least two years ago and I still can’t get her face out of my mind. Hope she’s doing well."

– isabellab1997

"How DARE you notice she's drinking hot sauce!"

– myeyesarejuicy

A Memorable Meal

"Went to eat at a restaurant, the hostess (elderly lady) sat us at our table, said "enjoy your meal" and proceeded to drop dead right there."

– Oxajm

"Did you enjoy the meal at least?"

– M1A1HC_Abrams

"Idk what's worse, her dropping dead or everyone just eating still 😂 like do people die very regularly in the main street that people are accustomed to it?"

– Crazy-Visit-5078

Ocean Horrors

"The creepiest thing for me was when I was out surfing in northern California. It was really cold, dark water, and I was out by myself. I was sitting there waiting for a wave, and my leash felt like it was caught up, which it does sometimes. I like to fix it before a wave comes so there's no hindrance when I go to stand up."

"Well I pull at it a little and it feels like seaweed or something on it. I turn towards the back of my board, and there is something on it, a harbor seal who's sitting on the back of my board, lying on my leash. Scared the f**k out of me, but me screaming scared the f**k out of him, and it went back into the water, and I paddled in. I know it's not the creepiest thing in this thread but it definitely scared me pretty good."

– DickieJohnson

"Creepier is that it was quite possibly trying to get away from something chasing it underwater."

– Moosebrawn

So Sad

"I work "security" at a hospital. I really just sit outside of the construction zone where they're doing remodeling and make sure homeless people and teenagers don't get in. But I'm also sat right outside the door they use to take the bodies out. There's just something eerie about how like.... discreet and impersonal it is?"

"Not that I expect there to be some sort of fanfare when someone dies. But they're just wrapped in quilts or thick blankets, quietly loaded up into an unmarked van and...that's it. It's a major hospital so there's several bodies wheeled out every day. Worst is when you know it's a child but I thankfully don't see much of that. They tend to wait until the middle of the night so less people see so they don't upset people. Always just strikes this weird feeling in me when I see them."

"I should also say that there is a bit of fanfare if they're an organ donor. The doctors and nurses will line up along the hall when they take them out and have just like, a little moment of silence. Like a way to express their thanks for this person inevitably helping someone else. Very bittersweet."

– FaintestGem

Escape Artist

"We used to take an old backroad that would take us to town where I lived awhile ago, it was a 20-30 minute drive. It was an old stretch of road that was an old worn road that went through a stretch of trees, a small burst of houses surrounded by farmland and fields, so it was a very rural area. There is a train track that cuts through and an unkept road that goes off to the side on the right."

"One evening we went down the road, there was a car (I wanna say an old Honda? I couldn’t tell) that was parked off on that little road to the side. I saw them and thought ‘odd’ because the road lead to nowhere it just stopped a few feet away. We came back much later in the day, night had fallen, and the car was still sitting there."

"A few days later we find that the car had been linked to a murder, apparently the car belonged to a woman who had been missing. Her boyfriend left her in a shallow grave, the car he abandoned and left there while her child was at school. Her name was Nyeisha Nelson."

– BaphometsThirdEye

Vampire In The Sun

"I popped into Asda to buy some lunch one day, and there was a guy vomiting blood in the car park onto a car bonnet. He then proceeded to rub his face in it."

"We locked eyes across the car park, and he grinned this wide, knowing smile with blood in his teeth, on his face, and in his hair. Didn't go back there for weeks. (Grimsby Asda, IYKYK)."

– maeveomaeve


"Many years ago I saw a bush, behind another bush, while walking in my neighborhood. Except it wasn’t a bush, and it was peeking out from around a corner. It was moving. Then it was gone."

"It wasn’t unlike that scene in Halloween where Laurie sees Michael Meyers and he hides behind a bush and sneaks away. It was something my brain could not interpret but chose to see as a bush."

"I was around 11 or 12, middle of the day, wide awake, not under the influence of any drugs. It was weird and scary, and comes to me as deja vu sometimes."

– manekinekon

Stranger Danger

"A guy drove up next to me as I was talking a walk around my neighborhood and asked for directions. The road he named was the next road down, and I told him so. What made it creepy was that the next words out of his mouth were a request to get in his truck and guide him."

"I was a 15-year-old, but I'm a stick of a person even now. I knew if this guy decided to stop and grab me I had no chance of getting away, so I did what anyone would probably do: I told him no and, because I was on a section of sidewalk directly behind my house, cut through the backyard and booked it inside. I locked every door I could and called my dad to find out if he was working out that day, and ask him to skip if he could. My poor father came home and immediately showed me where the emergency release is in his trunk, and how to find the button to turn off the brake lights."

"I'd heard the "don't go into a stranger's car" line so often growing up I honestly thought it was another myth to scare kids into not wandering around. It's up there with a bear encounter as one of the scariest things I've experienced."

– I_Ace_English

Restaurants Of Crime

"I don't know about creepy but for sure shady:"

"I was in an extremely uncrowded Chinese restaurant (it was just me and the staff, a down place, not a strip mall joint) when a very large, very well-dressed man came in and went and sat at the bar. He ordered an orange juice and nothing else. The OJ never came but a minute later the bartender handed him a brown paper bag and he left."

– Shiny-And-New

"There was a Chinese place near me that my family went to all the time. Not a chain, pretty nice place. One day we go and it’s abandoned, notice on the door from the county/city said something about the fish in the tank being left there."

"A while later it reopens under a different name and we try it out. Totally dead, one waitress, no other customers. The food was lackluster. We noticed there was always men in suits around the place talking but not eating. Some time passes and we drive by and see that the whole strip of shops it was in burned down, obviously stemming from the Chinese place. Figured it was an insurance scam tied to organized crime."

– lkdguitar

Completely Disgusting

"When I was working at McDonalds in high school, I was getting ready to pull into the parking lot for my shift, and there was a lot of snow on the ground. This older lady, who’s probably late 60s or early 70s, gets out of her Ford Taurus in a dress. She then proceeds to grab one of the door handles of McDonald’s hike up her dress and poop right by the door."

"I was watching this all from my truck and was gagging. I proceed to walk in to clock in and my manager asks why I’m late. I told them what happened and to pull up the cameras. One of the managers threw up in the office and the other told me to grab a bucket and mop to clean it. It took three buckets of mop water and soap to clean it. Then I quit right after. All of this was at like 2pm on a Saturday."

– Vegetable_Two_3904

"Note to self, you should have quit beforecleaning up the mess."

– TopItUp3465

Abandoned At Sea

"I went on a school field trip as a teacher to the Bahamas. We took 16 students to the island and kayaked all over the place. At some point, our guides took us into open water and had us basically kayak between islands these long distances apart. Not only was there a long sequence where the water was extremely choppy, but at some point it was decided I had to be the adult in the back of the party to watch all the students as they kayaked."

"I was by myself in a two-person sea kayak behind all these other people, and for whatever reason, my foot slipped off the rudder. I could not get it back on easily -- the kayak was a little short for me and I was spraining my ankle trying to just bend my leg in this small cramped space to get that foot back on the pedal. And while I'm doing this, my kayak was being pushed and turned by the waves as I watched almost everyone paddling further and further away into the distance."

"I yelled, but the closest people to me were the youngest students and none of them heard. Watching them just going further and further as the sun started setting in the distance was the f**king scariest moment of my life."

"Yes, I survived. But I still have nightmares about that moment and have never felt comfortable around open water since."

– Neither_Cobbler_89

Yeah, I'd be scared of open water too...

(In fact, I am. I can't swim!)

Do you have any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.