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People Share The Craziest 'I Object' Moments They've Seen During A Wedding

People Share The Craziest 'I Object' Moments They've Seen During A Wedding

Weddings are an emotional day for everyone involved. With so many different emotions in the air, ranging from happiness to queasiness to, you can bet something is sure to go wrong. By "wrong," of course, we talk about the moment when a priest or pastor asks if anyone has any objections to the union of the two people and someone feels inclined to say, "I object!"

Reddit user, u/Ffynnn, wanted people to share the juicy deets when they asked:

People who have been to a wedding where someone objected to the marriage, what was their reason?



At my (half) sisters wedding when they got to the objection part her mother (same dad different mum) lent across to another family member and whispered 'yeah, he isn't good enough for her'

The officiant stopped the wedding and asked her to speak up, saying it's a legal part to the wedding and if she has an objection then please state it loud enough to hear.

Sisters mum laughed it off and sat down red faced....while I glared evils into the back of this woman's head.

My sister is awesome and the guy she's with makes her super happy.

BONUS AWKWARD POINTS... in his speech he thanked sisters mother for accepting him onto the family and how happy he was to have another mum (both his parents have died) ...

Oof from me


Priorities, Bro

Went to a wedding, guy objected and said "if y'all marry I'll loose my drinking buddy"


Debts To Settle


The Grooms father objected and said that he couldn't just stand by and watch because he had proof that she was just using him so she could pay off her debts.

From what I heard, a person in her group chat got into a big fight with her on the day of the wedding and ended up sending the grooms father a bunch of screenshots of the bride admitting that she was planning on divorcing him after he paid off all her student debts and bought a house so that she could get it in a divorce.

The bride tried to deny it but I guess the groom had suspicions that she was just using him and after he saw the proof he called the wedding off. My friend, who invited me as her plus one, was super embarrassed but I was thoroughly entertained.


You Say A Lot By Saying Nothing At All

At my cousin (bride)'s wedding, one of the groomsmen spent the entire ceremony facing the audience, with his back to the bride. He felt that my cousin was an overly judgmental succubus who would nag and belittle him. He was absolutely right.


Oh, Mom...

I was at a friends wedding when his mother got up during the vows and said "Objection!". Everyone stared at her in confusion while she stood there staring at his soon to be Wife.

His mother then proceeded to say "I don't want my baby being with that rat bast*rd for the rest of his life!". Everyone just kind of sat there looking confused and shocked. Her son/my friend looked at her with a beet red face and ran out of the church we were in. I guess he felt the same way but didn't want to agree. Long story short the bride ended up calling the wedding off and they broke up. Didn't get a slice of cake :(.

Good times.


A Whole Other Life


I was at one of my good friends wedding (She was marrying a man she thought was a truck driver) and when the priest says does anyone object this woman stands up and says I do.

Turns out the guy wasn't a truck driver but was a married man from Florida who had two kids and the woman was his wife.



Probably does not count but still worth mentioning.

Wedding, Jewish, final moments and once the marriage was final the bride straight up runs to the crowd and says I'm divorcing my husband for sleeping with my sister!

Bride found out about the cheating but was smart and got back at her sister worst than ever.

Forgive my lack of Jewish knowledge but we found out that, something in the Jewish faith; once your married the bride or groom cannot marry or remarry someone related to the previous wife or something like that. So this bride not only publicly humiliated him but sister by outing them but sealed the fact that they can never ever be together


When Everyone's In On The Joke

I went to a wedding where the entire crowd laughed wildly when the question was asked. But they didn't actually object. The bride and groom had both led, ahem, colorful lives.


A Double Objection!


My Aunts wedding.

Grooms mother shouted that she objects and I immediately stood up and objected her objection in dramatic fashion

Ps: She objected because now the flow of money his isn't to her anymore


Pre-Wedding Insanity

Not the wedding but the rehearsal, BIL's crazy a-- ex somehow finds the location but mistook the date. Started her insaneness by stating she forgave him for breaking up with her and he seriously needed to stop trying to act like he moved on (him and my sister had been together for a couple of years and had been living together for at least two, like b-tch I'm pretty sure he ain't faking it).

Then [sic] decided to claim she was pregnant with his child. BIL preceded to tell her that she was his greatest mistake and that if she was pregnant it was probably her stepfather's just like the last one she claimed was his and aborted without telling him.

Me and the Best Man kindly kept her away from the couple while the friend who owned the house the wedding was taking place at called the police because she was refusing to leave her property.


When No One Listens To You

I've posted this before. I objected to my friend getting married during the ceremony. We were at the white chapel in Vegas with friends and I had been drinking so she just laughed it off. Well, she told me later she should have listened because he ended up back in prison.

She's now with a good guy, but was having to do the whole back and forth to jail and then putting money on his books.


The Party Stops When The Wife Arrives


The real wife busted the doors open and screams at the top of her lungs


Still the reception was continued.

Edit: That story got picked on by local news. The husband ended up supporting the kids.


The Heart Knows What It Doesn't Want

Not an objection but at my dads cousins wedding the best man screamed and fell to the floor unconscious right as they were about to exchange rings and was rushed to the hospital, turns out he had a heart attack. He's fine now and recovered quickly


As Long As DVD Purchases Were Made, Everyone Can Go Home Happy

Not exactly an objection but I worked as a photographer at a wedding chapel on the Vegas strip. We had a young Chinese couple come in with their friends and get married, the minister did his normal speech but when it came down to the vows I could tell something was wrong. The groom kept putting the ring on the brides finger and taking it off hesitantly. This went in for a few uncomfortable minutes.

At one point the groom asked the bride if there was someone else and she nodded her head. After a couple more awkward moments the minister explained that if he did not pronounce them man and wife it wouldn't be legal. They decided not to get married.

Their friends still bought the DVD though. That was one of my favorite moments working there.


Maybe Then's Not The Right Time...Or Ever...


Went to a wedding, everything seems to be going well.

Groom felt up the 18 year old niece, MoB finds out while bride and groom are at alter and things went to sh-t pretty soon after.


"May Lightning Strike Me Down..."

My good friends wedding video is awesome! A big thunderstorm blew up during the ceremony; and just as the minister asked "Does anybody have any objections?" Lightning strikes the church with a tremendous ka-boom and all the lights go out.

There's some nervous laughter, and the minister says "That doesn't count!", and the ceremony continued.


Oh Myyy...

I wasn't there, but an old friend told me about a wedding he attended years ago. When it came time for the objection part a voice in the back yells "SHE BLEW ME LIKE 30 MINUTES AGO".

Bride bursts into tears. Groom just walks away.