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Comedian's Important PSA About The 'Notes' App's Intended Purposes Is On Point 😂

Comedian's Important PSA About The 'Notes' App's Intended Purposes Is On Point 😂
@roywoodjr (Twitter)

Roy Wood Jr. is a comedian and a correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He's also known for his particularly excellent Twitter threads.

Yesterday he was back to his comedy genius when he made an astute observation about the Notes app on iPhone. Check it out.

But he didn't stop there. He proceeded to share excellent news via a Notes screenshot to illustrate how the app ruins the mood.

But he was sure to leave his readers with another productive task for which the app could be used.

The app is actually meant

"to capture a quick thought or save something important or interesting for later."

But many celebrities and organizations have used the app to defy Twitter's 280 characters.

Over the past year or so, Notes has been famously utilized by celebs such as Lena Dunham.

And Kendall Jenner.

(just to name a couple).

As expected, Twitter found Roy Wood Jr.'s observation to be hilariously accurate.

One famous fellow took to Notes to share his appreciation for Wood's humor and keen eye.

Somehow Wood's reaction actually read the way it was intended. Perhaps that is the power of "fangirling".

Other readers proceeded to share just how they use the app with such a pessimistic connotation.

Who knew that an innocent organizational app would be associated with such a gloomy mood?

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