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Comedian's Hilariously Scathing Video Tour Of His Arizona Hometown Turns Him Into An Overnight Star

Danny Vega now does comedy in New York City, but he grew up in a much smaller town: Casa Grande, Arizona. He recently went back to his old stomping grounds to shoot a video breaking down what makes it so..."unique."

Referring to Casa Grande as a "victim of the housing crisis" with a high teen pregnancy rate which has been abandoned by many chain stores. There doesn't seem to be a lot of love lost between the Casa Grande native and his old hometown:

I'm Walking Here: Casa Grande (My Hometown)

The video has gone viral on YouTube, with over 740k views as of the writing of this article. Considering Vega had only 150 subscribers prior to this segment, it's easy to see that viewers are connecting with his hilarious commentary as he puts the city on blast.

Twitter loved the video (and many could relate):

Even Casa Grande citizens couldn't deny how well crafted Vega's jokes were.

The only people who aren't enjoying Vega's clip seem to be Casa Grande residents. Vega's brother wrote on Reddit that it was "causing a legitimate rift in the community," and the Casa Grande Dispatch wrote of his mother in a recent article:

Vega posted on social media that his mother worried locals would think poorly of her because of the video. It's a joke, Vega reminded her. "We have a Dillard's," Vega claims his mother said in response.

It seems some Casa Grande residents, however, are just proud of the online attention their city is now receiving:

Other Casa Grande residents couldn't help but pile on more "praise" for the city:

Sorry about the jokes, Casa Grande, but don't worry: at the end of the day, it seems your residents love you very much!