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College Grad Mocks Woman's Gun-Toting Graduation Picture With A 'Weapon' Of Her Own πŸ˜‚

This one hits the target.

College Grad Mocks Woman's Gun-Toting Graduation Picture With A 'Weapon' Of Her Own πŸ˜‚
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Haley Davis is a recent graduate from the University of Louisville, and she decided to make a statement with her graduation photo.

Davis' photo shows her standing on her college campus wearing her graduation cap and wielding a .... well, just check it out.


Yes, that is a dildo in her hand.


The photo alone is hilarious, but Haley actually modeled her photo after this one:


Kaitlin Bennett recently graduated from Kent State and took the opportunity to photograph herself wielding an automatic rifle along with her mortarboard that read, "Come and take it."

Her photo was used to call attention to her belief that she should have the right to carry a gun onto her campus. She claims the Kent State shooting, when the Ohio National Guard shot and killed 4 unarmed student protesters back in 1970, is enough reason to justify her demand.

Haley Davis isn't sure where she stands on gun control, but she knows she wouldn't feel comfortable wielding a gun herself, and she doesn't think the general public needs assault rifles.

Davis explained her photo and "weapon" of choice by saying,

"Knowing I would be graduating soon, I wanted to make satire out of [Bennett's] very bold photos just to lighten it up a little bit. I think comedic relief is very valuable and can ease pain people may be feeling.

"As a feminist, I value sexual liberation and acceptance of sexuality. That, combined with my desire to provide comedic relief, is why I chose to pose with a dildo."

The internet is loving her take on the photo.

And for some, she's an inspiration.

Just check out this sweet message:

"I was in the army, don't carry a gun, but have one. I've been through a lot fo pain in my life, and you are absolutely correct, comedy has gotten me through all of it. It said your mind could be changed away from family law, how about activism for a bit, you would be great at it. Bye Ben"

Well, that certainly made us smile. Who knew dildos could bring people together so successfully?

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter