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Fox Guest Jokes Americans Should 'Plan To Kill Everyone You Meet' After Latest Mass Shooting

In the aftermath of a mall shooting in Allen, Texas, Alex Coker suggested General Mattis' instructions to Marines in Iraq should apply to life in America.

YouTube screenshot of Alex Coker; Twitter screenshot of @atrupar's tweet
Alex Coker/YouTube; @atrupar/Twitter

The United States has yet again been rocked by another mass shooting, this time at a mall in Allen, Texas. A gunman opened fire and killed nine people.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, a guest on Fox News made a recommendation that caused an uproar across the nation.

Alex Coker, a former police officer and television host, appeared on Lawrence Jones Cross Country on Saturday night and suggested Americans who fear they may be the next victims of a mass shooting should "be polite and professional, but plan to kill everyone you meet." Coker attributed this statement to General James Mattis, who reportedly said it to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coker suggested individuals living in peaceful neighborhoods should be prepared for the worst and "run" for their lives, "barricade" themselves and defend themselves like "a hornet's nest." However, in a society where firearms are easily accessible, promoting such an idea is only likely to increase the number of shootings.

You can hear what Coker said in the video below.

When asked what he would say to people who live in places like Allen, Texas who "don’t think crime will ever hit them" and feel they "don't need to prepare," Coker gave the following response:

“Run away like your life depends on it. You need to be physically fit, and run fast. So move move, move."
"Second thing is to barricade. Try to put something between you and that gunman."
"And the third is prepare to defend. Like a hornet’s nest, everyone comes together. And go ahead and tag the guy."
"Enough people coming together at once will take out that armed gunman. You can take him out and override them whether it’s even a plane or a Walmart.”

He added:

“Just like General Mathis said: Be polite and professional, but plan to kill everyone you meet. Something you might say could cause someone to snap.”

The irony of a former police officer advocating for individuals to take the law into their own hands by planning to kill anyone they meet is not lost on anyone. Such a recommendation is not only dangerous but also promotes a culture of fear and violence.

Many have condemned Coker's remarks and pointed out the flaws in his reasoning.

The shooting in Allen resulted in nine deaths, including the shooter, while seven others were injured with three in critical condition.

The perpetrator was reported to have worked as a security guard and was living in a motel. He reportedly received firearms training while working his security job and had no previous criminal history.

The shooter's clothing bore the insignia RWDS which authorities believe may stand for "Right Wing Death Squad." He had, according to investigators, interacted with neo-Nazi and White supremacist social media content.