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Christian 'Prophetess' Claims Biden Won't Be President Because She Heard God 'Laughing Loudly'

Christian 'Prophetess' Claims Biden Won't Be President Because She Heard God 'Laughing Loudly'

President-elect Joe Biden won the election with 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 232. He won the popular vote by over 7 million.

But that has not prevented staunch Trump supporters from holding out hope for him to remain in office. The result of the election—where the majority of voters rejected their hero—was so ludicrous to many of Trump's followers, even God apparently howled about it.

That is, according to Christian "prophetess" Kat Kerr—who allegedly "heard" the good Lord above "laughing loudly" about the Electoral College vote.

In a video obtained by Right Wing Watch, Kerr told Steve Shultz from The Elijah List about how she woke up to the divine cackling.

"When I woke up yesterday, He was laughing. I mean, I heard Him laughing loudly."
"And he said I'm laughing because of what they have said the electoral vote came to."

She acknowledged the vote went to "the other side" and said God told her:

"None of that matters, none of that matters. It's not changing my plan.
"This is what God said: 'I don't care who calls Biden president. He will never be president. I won't allow darkness to sit in this country or control this country.'"

God apparently continued declaring to her:

"America is my gift, that I called forth, to be a blessing to this world. And I will have righteousness, justice, liberty, and freedom for all in that country."

She concluded by saying the "others" who do not want Trump to continue with a second term in the Oval Office "will not have a great future, maybe not a future at all."

But Twitter had the last laugh at Kerr's expense.

People had plenty to say about religion and politics.

This was not the first time Kerr alluded to God advocating for Donald Trump.

In an October interview on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel, Kerr claimed the angels referred to Biden as "Sleepy Joe."

She also said:

"When God had me prophesying up in Colorado, he actually said these words, 'Why would you pick a villain for a president when I have already sent you a superhero?' That would be Trump."