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Chris Wallace Refuses To Back Down While Grilling Stephen Miller About Trump's Ukraine Phone Call During Fox News Interview

Following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement that a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump has begun, his most loyal sycophants have flocked to cable news to try and explain how the President soliciting election interference from a foreign government isn't such a bad thing.

Except that it is.

It's a really bad criminal thing. Which is why Trump's representatives are suddenly getting hard interviews even at the President's most favorable network: Fox News.

Stephen Miller, senior aid to the President and driving force behind many of Trump's most controversial policies, appeared with Chris Wallace on Sunday, September 29, to try and offer an explanation for the President's behavior.

Wallace was NOT having it.

Stephen Miller calls whistleblower a 'partisan hit job' in fiery interview

Twitter users loved that someone was actually holding Miller accountable for his words.

So often Trump's representatives go unchallenged by loyal interviewers at Fox.

Chris Wallace has gotten boatloads of praise online for his tough interview.

Meanwhile, other outspoken Trump supporters are facing similar struggles all over television.

It's almost as if they're trying to defend the indefensible.

Many believe this could be a sign that Fox News is starting to step away from President Trump and his endless criminal scandals.

Welcome to the buffet, America.

Well done, Chris Wallace!

Stephen Miller will most likely be smarting from this interview for a long time.


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