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Chris Cuomo Rips Trump For Trying To 'Shift Blame' For Pandemic To Dr. Fauci With Latest Attacks

Chris Cuomo Rips Trump For Trying To 'Shift Blame' For Pandemic To Dr. Fauci With Latest Attacks

Virus cases continue to skyrocket after numerous states prematurely heeded President Donald Trump's calls to reopen businesses.

A substantial criticism of Trump's virus response is the degree to which he's politicized safety measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing. The President continues to dismiss the threat posed by the virus.

Meanwhile, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci—one of the most trusted voices on the White House's virus response team—has continuously warned Americans to take this virus seriously. His willingness to tell the truth has put him publicly at odds with Trump on more than one occasion.

This has reportedly angered Trump, and the White House recently took steps to discredit Dr. Fauci in a newly released memo.

Trump's own deputy chief of staff for communications shared a garish cartoon of the doctor.

It's looking more and more like the administration is mobilizing against Fauci in favor of its own scientifically illiterate narrative.

That didn't sit well with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo—who contracted the virus himself this past March before recovering.

Cuomo gave a full throated defense of Fauci on his show before accusing Trump of attempting to shift the blame away from himself.

Watch below.

Chris Cuomo slams Trump for his attacks on Dr. Anthony

Cuomo said:

"Dr. Anthony Fauci is not to blame for any of this. Trump is, period. And now that the reality is sinking in to blue and red, to left, right, and reasonable, Trump is doing what he always does: trying to shift blame to someone else. And we must reject efforts to shift stink onto the one man we can trust."

Cuomo went on to point out that Fauci received a medal of freedom from former President George W. Bush and served under six presidents during health crises ranging from the AIDS crisis to H1N1.

According to Cuomo, the attacks on Fauci reveal more about those lobbing them than about Fauci himself.

"Now, in these White House attacks, we see their principles on display as well, don't we? Eat your own, lie about Fauci, deny your role, and defy the mandate of leadership that we gave you....This is making America great again? You pardon a convicted liar and lie about a man with a conviction to fight a pandemic, which you apparently lack."

People commended Cuomo's willingness to call Trump out.

Others tend to agree that the attacks on Fauci are a sick reflection of the administration's character.

The President and Dr. Fauci reportedly haven't spoken in weeks.