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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Vows To Find And Fire Officer Who Hurled Homophobic Slur At Protesters

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Vows To Find And Fire Officer Who Hurled Homophobic Slur At Protesters
Scott Olson/Getty Images, @kylcnnnghm/Instagram

After a Chicago police officer was caught on video hurling a homophobic slur at a protestor, the city's mayor has vowed to take action.

During a clash with protestors, a plastic traffic cone is thrown towards the unidentified police officer. Though he is unharmed, the officer angrily turns and shouts:

"B*tch! Wait 'till I turn my back, you f*cking f*ggot!"

Video of the incident was shared on Instagram.

You can watch it below.

*Warning: the video contains offensive language*

The incident was reported to the Chicago Police Department and is now under investigation.

Lori Lightfoot, Chicago's first black, female, LGBTQ mayor, promised that the officer would be identified and fired.

"We will not tolerate people who cross this line. We will not tolerate excessive force."
"We will not tolerate profanity and homophobic comments that demean the badge, demean the honour of being a Chicago police officer, and demean the value of who we are as Chicagoans. We will not tolerate that."

She continued:

"If you are one of those officers who choose to do those things, or to tape over their badges, or to turn off their body-worn cameras — all things that violate very clear directives of the Chicago Police Department — we will find you, we will identify you, and we will strip you of your police powers. Period."

The Mayor concluded by saying:

"We are not going to tolerate this in our city. If you believe a police officer has committed an act of misconduct, please call 311 to report it."

The Chicago Police Department also issued a statement, which read:

"A complaint of misconduct has been received regarding this incident, and we immediately opened an investigation, which is now underway. The Chicago Police Department strives to treat all individuals our officers encounter with respect. Any derogatory conduct is inexcusable and has no place in the Department.
"We do not tolerate this kind of behaviour, which is why we have opened an investigation into this incident and will take appropriate disciplinary action immediately as we work to identify the officer involved."
"Anyone who feels they have been mistreated by a CPD officer is encouraged to call 311 and file a complaint with COPA, who will investigate allegations of misconduct."

The internet was glad to hear this officer would face consequences for his misconduct.

Using homophobic slurs is certainly not part of any police officer's job description and any individual who can't stop themselves from using them shouldn't be employed by the community.