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Far-Right Podcaster Says He Now Wonders If Ketchup And Mustard In His Fridge Are 'Woke' Too

Charlie Kirk made the bizarre claim on his show on Real America's Voice while delivering a plug for a coffee sponsor.

Screenshot of Charlie Kirk from his podcast

Far-right podcast host Charlie Kirk pitched a hissy fit over the possibility the condiments in his fridge might be too "woke."

Recently, there has been increasing right-wing attention paid to companies like Adidas, Target and Budweiser marketing to the LGBTQ+ community.

The companies have been doing it for decades in some cases, but the right-wings new groomer rhetoric lends itself well to pitching fits about longstanding practices as if they were new.

This has led to conservatives boycotting the brands they used to patronize and condemning them for being too "woke."

Fearing Americans were in the midst of a "spiritual warfare," Kirk–who is the CEO of several conservative groups targeting marginalized communities like Turning Point Action,Turning Point USA and Students for Trump–aired his grievances on his podcast, The Charlie Kirk Show, over "woke" food items like ketchup and mustard.

Kirk recalled the moment he was stricken with fear that an awareness of progressive values could have invaded his home.

He said:

"I'm going through my kitchen, I'm going through my refrigerator and I'm starting to ask the question, 'Well, is this ketchup bottle woke? Is this mustard?'"
"I mean, literally.”

Kirk remained at a loss for words when he wanted to verbalize his frustration over having to question a company's loyalty to the causes he vehemently opposed.

Twitter told him to get over it.

Kirk was previously endorsing the show's sponsor, Blackout Coffee, touting it as a family-owned business that was 100% committed to "conservative values."