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Channing Tatum Declares That 'Daddy Is Finally Back' With Shirtless Thirst Trap Photo On Instagram

Kelly Defina/Getty Images

Welcome, Theybies and Gentlethems, to this edition of Thirst Trap theater. Every now and then a celeb will post an image of themselves that is purposefully playful and provocative, and we the fans love to celebrate it. Today we're going to spotlight Channing Tatum.

Or Channing Tatum decided to spotlight Channing Tatum and we're just here to support that energy.

Tatum is on-set for his directorial debut, Dog. The film will star Tatum in the lead role with a large Belgian Malinois as his co-star. The plot sees the pair road-tripping to a funeral for a fallen soldier.

We do not have a lot of details about the project except that it is slated as a comedy, but if Tatum's body of work is any indicator, it'll likely have at least a few heavy-hitting moments. We do not know if those moments will be physically demanding, but if they are "Daddy" over here is clearly ready for them.

Channing Tatum has long had a playful and accepting relationship with his fans. While the dancer/actor has not confirmed his sexuality, rumors that he is bisexual have abounded for years. Tatum has been quick to shoot down any homophobia that happens around him. Minimally speaking, Channing and both his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and his on-again-off-again partner, Jessie J, are supportive of the LGBT+ community.

So it wasn't exactly a surprise to see fans of all kinds having a moment over this selfie. It was even a big hit on Twitter.

What did surprise us was the number of people who were here not for the thirst, but for the support.

It's clear Channing Tatum's fans are here for more than the Magic Mike moves. Cheers to your success, Channing!