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This Viral Video Of A Cat Who Is Really Bad At Drinking Water From A Faucet Has Twitter LOLing

Drinking water is HARD, ok?! It's certainly no easier when you're trying to drink it from a running faucet, but this cat certainly knows that's where the best water comes from! Unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you're looking at the situation from our point of view) the feline's owner captured a video of its admittedly silly-looking water-drinking process, and the footage has gone viral on Twitter.

A bunch of Twitter users who DIDN'T GET IT made fun of the cat:

To be fair, it's easy to mock such an odd-looking habit.

But many other cats have demonstrated similar behaviors!

Perhaps it's just a cat thing...

Twitter users seemed almost eager to share their own cats' strange habits.

But perhaps these cats are cleverer than we've given them credit for?

Or perhaps not.