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Capitol Rioter Tries To Avoid Jail By Claiming He Never Intended To Poop On Nancy Pelosi's Desk

Capitol Rioter Tries To Avoid Jail By Claiming He Never Intended To Poop On Nancy Pelosi's Desk
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Criminals have tried all sorts of things to avoid prison over the years, but "hey, at least I didn't think about defecating on anyone's desk" has to be unprecedented.

But that's the gambit Capitol rioter Derek Jancart is using in attempt avoid doing prison time for his role in the deadly insurrection.

According to court papers filed by his attorney, while Jancart did break into the Capitol with a bunch of people yelling about pooping all over Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's desk, Jancart did not consider doing so, and ergo does not deserve jail time.

See the court papers below.

Jancart, an Air Force veteran, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges for his doings at the Capitol. He is facing a four-month prison term if convicted.

His attorney A. Eduardo Balazero, however, believes such a prison sentence to be overkill for being involved in a melee that resulted in five deaths.

Rather, he suggested 24 months of probation because, as he put it in the court papers:

"[Jancart] did not engage in any violence; did not break anything; did not confront or fight with police."
"He did not enter any offices; did not enter the House or Senate floor; he did not take any 'souvenirs;' did not contemplate defecating on anyone's desk.."

Balazero's petition came in response to the U.S. Department of Justice's sentencing memo in regards to Jancart and his co-defendant, Erik Rau.

Rau confirmed in testimony that he and Jancart entered Pelosi's office, where they heard other rioters yelling "Sh*t on her desk!" Instead, they kept walking deeper into the Capitol until a police officer apprehended them and instructed them to leave.

Balazero went on to state several other reasons he thought Jancart shouldn't serve time for his actions on January 6, but it was the pooping part that really seemed to stand out to people, like a bad smell in the air, if you will.

And on Twitter, people of course had a field day with this bit of news.

Jancart is likely to be the first military veteran sentenced for their involvement in the January 6 insurrection.