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D.C. Burger Chain, Marketing Company Apologize For Ad Featuring Image Of Journalist Moments Before His Beheading By ISIS

James W. Foley Legacy Foundation

Washington D.C. based burger chain Z-Burger, is under scrutiny after they tweeted a juxtaposed photo of the murdered American journalist, James Wright Foley, awaiting execution by ISIS in 2014 with an image of a hamburger. It read, "When you say you want a burger and someone says okay let's hit McDonalds." Below the image of Foley were the words "You disgrace me." The tweet has since been deleted.

James Wright Foley was a freelance photojournalist from New Hampshire. In January of 2012, he began to make trips to northern Syria to report on the events there. On November 22, 2012, Foley was kidnapped by ISIS and on August 19, 2014, he was horrifically beheaded. ISIS posted the video of his murder online.

The NY Daily News issued this haunting image showing the moment before his killing.

NY Daily News via Getty Images

This is the image that was exploited as a marketing ploy on Twitter by Z-Burger.

James Foley's Mother tweeted her response to the situation.

The restaurant's owner, Peter Tabibian, explained that fault lies with Valor Media, a group Z-Burger hired three months ago to handle their social media presence. Regardless, they apologized.



Michael Valor, the 23-year-old head of Valor Media, took full responsibility saying, "Z-burger had no part in the creation of this content or its release". Apparently, the company had recently hired a young art director who did not know who Foley was and therefore did not realize the magnitude of his choice.

He posted a three-part apology:

As comforting as apologies are, some customers are not able to forgive either company for their tasteless error.

H/T: WMUR9, Washingtonian, James W. Foley Legacy Foundation