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Former British 'Love Island' Contestant Stunned To Find His Instagram Photo Was Doctored To Sell Trump 2020 Hats

Former British 'Love Island' Contestant Stunned To Find His Instagram Photo Was Doctored To Sell Trump 2020 Hats

Imagine being an attractive young British man of color.

You might be fit and handsome enough to get on a popular reality show, like Love Island.

That success might lead to social media followers and online popularity.


But social media fame can have a downside, like waking up to discover you're a spokesmodel for President Donald Trump.

That's what happened to Rykard Jenkins. Luckily one of his fans stateside let him know.

Jenkins then shared the story on his Instagram.

Turns out it's like those t-shirt ads you see where a celebrity is "modeling" a shirt for some company trying to get you to buy it. Through the miracle of photo manipulation, any celebrity in a t-shirt can become a model for these companies.

And any fit bloke in a red hat is suddenly supporting Donald Trump.

Jenkins original photo showed him on the River Thames in London posed in front of the London Eye providing a shoutout to FOXBERRY BOYS (FXB) and their own red hat.

All very British.

The altered version employed by a company called removed a few items from Jenkins photo. Like anything to indicate he was in London except to the most eagle-eyed observer. Jenkins/Instagram

Jenkins also shared the news of his new unpaid endorsement gig on his Twitter account.

Others shared times Trump endorsements from POC online were less than authentic.

And while there's no indication the Trump camp was actually involved, people noted the President has a history of not paying for things.

But noted Trump had a history of paying for some things.


Many felt a lawsuit was warranted.

Others saw it as an indication that red hats are canceled for the foreseeable future.

Some felt Trump was in mourning over the loss of Gregory Cheadle.

But however you look at it, it's all very 2019.

This shirt, modeled by no one without their consent or against their will, is available here.



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