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Video Of Boston Cop Getting Injured While Flying Down Metal Playground Slide Goes Mega-Viral

The police officer was reportedly treated by Boston EMS after sustaining a head injury on the slide at City Hall Plaza.

Screenshots of police officer hurtling down a slide

Most public playgrounds are designed solely for kids whose still-developing bodies can fit on and handle the recreational equipment for climbing, swinging, sliding and bouncing.

But for grown adults wanting to recapture their youth, crawling through tight spaces in a jungle gym or going down a twisty slide can be disastrous since most playground equipment is not capable of supporting the weight or size of most adults.

A Boston police officer demonstrated this in a viral video showing him getting banged up pretty badly as he careened down a metal tubular slide that violently spat him out at the bottom.

You can watch the seven-second clip in the video shared below.

The viral clip featured an intimidatingly tall tubular slide extending from stacked blue and orange boxes.

Banging and clanging noises were heard inside the cylindrical slide before it expelled a uniformed officer who was hurtling face down and feet first at a ferocious velocity.

A woman, who presumably captured the moment on video, was heard cracking up while filming.

The officer flew off the slide's landing and slid across the ground from the speedy momentum and exclaimed, "Oh, f'k" as he got to his feet in one fell swoop.

He appeared to have scraped his elbows and sustained "a head injury," according to Live Boston.

The slide was part of the new playground that debuted with the reopening of Boston's City Hall Plaza in November.

The clip originally seen on TikTok racked up 13 million views before it was deleted.

It reemerged after NHL commentator Ryan Whitney said he was "begged" to take down the footage that he thought was "one of the funniest videos of all time."

But Twitter kept receipts.

People winced at the officer's violent descent and weighed in with their thoughts.

In regards to the above, ask and ye shall receive.

The ribbing continued.

The officer wasn't the only adult slider who dared take on the wild attraction.

City Councilor Erin Murphy tried it out ahead of the reopening of the plaza last fall and regretted it.

Murphy said:

“For the record… I started down the slide sitting straight up and facing forward."
“I got whipped around in the tunnel and came out backwards and upside down.”

Sounds about right.

You can see in the video Murphy shared that Cinderella lost her shoe in the process.

People had genuine concerns about safety.

Boston officials have not reported any slide-related complaints or injuries on the playground so far.

Boston Police Department spokesperson Sergeant Detective John Boyle confirmed the officer who got banged up in the video was on duty and hurt himself after going down the slide.

But Boyle said the officer used his own medical insurance for treatment and did not miss any work after his painful tumble down.