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Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert Dragged For Having Her Youngest Son Star In Cringey New Campaign Ad

The MAGA Rep. featured her youngest son, Roman, listing off everything she's 'gotten done' for Colorado in a new political campaign ad—and it isn't sitting well with critics.

Screenshots of Lauren and Roman Boebert

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was widely criticized after featuring her youngest son, Roman, listing off everything she's "gotten done" for Colorado in a new political campaign ad.

In the 30-second campaign video, Boebert's son Roman takes center stage as he invites Boebert to play basketball, but she replies that she's busy preparing for her new campaign commercial.

Roman then responds by stumping for his mother:

"That's easy, mom. Why don't you just tell them about how you carry a gun and always fight for freedom? Did you tell them about how you voted to cut spending and increase American energy production?"

The ad then shows Boebert nodding in agreement as Roman offers further suggestions for his mother's campaign pitch:

"You should probably also tell them that you pass bills to create Colorado jobs and to secure the border."

Boebert praises her son and asks him, "What's next?" before they engage in a friendly game of basketball.

The MAGA Republican shared the ad to X, formerly Twitter, writing:

"My youngest son Roman helped out with our latest campaign ad, reminding Coloradans of what I've gotten done for our state in Congress!"

You can see her post and the video below.

It didn't go over well.

Boebert's reelection bid is not without challenges.

Despite narrowly retaining her seat in 2022, she faces a tough battle in the upcoming election. Her decision to switch from Colorado's 3rd to the more Republican-leaning 4th district, citing a desire for a fresh start after her divorce, has only opened her up to criticism that she is an opportunistic carpet bagger.

Last month, Boebert was mocked for hosting a campaign event in Adams County that was very sparsely attended. She also consistently fares badly in straw polls in her home state.