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Student Lays Into Her Teacher For Displaying 'Blue Lives Matter' Flag In His Classroom In Viral Video

Student Lays Into Her Teacher For Displaying 'Blue Lives Matter' Flag In His Classroom In Viral Video

Political tensions are high these days.

Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol last week, countless people took to the streets throughout 2020 to protest racial bias in law enforcement and people across the country took to the internet to declare their opinions about it all.

So it was hardly surprisingly when a recent TikTok video captured those tensions playing out inside a school classroom.

The video, which according to Daily Dothad amassed just shy of a million likes as of yesterday around 2pm, showed a student yelling angrily at their teacher, who had hung a "Blue Lives Matter" flag for all to see in the classroom.

The TikTok video has since been taken down but not before it was shared on Reddit and Twitter.

You can watch the video here:

A student voiced their protest.

"As a teacher, you're here to educate students."
"And putting up a political flag that some people might get offended by, that is not responsible of you as a teacher."

The TikTok commenters' offered kudos for the student who was willing to speak up.

"She's correct, why is he bringing politics into a classroom. Your job is to educate not to debate. Respect to her."

Another comment questioned the teacher's suitability for employment.

"He put that up to get a reaction. He needs to find a different profession."

And another TikTok user clarified the issue.

"It would still be the same if it was a flag for Biden. He's distracting students from learning. Politics don't have a place in a classroom."

When the video was posted on Reddit, more people weighed in.

"High five to that student and to her parents. She said it with tact and truth. School is supposed to be for learning the subjects" -- DoctorRin

"Yes. Hope she gets an A in class." -- pookguy1

"No BLM, no ALM, just teach your damn algebra." -- wongasta

"Why are these adults in some sort of third world kindergarten? What f***ing country is this?" -- 0m3lette

"That flag is propaganda at this point. That does not belong in the classroom." -- lrrc49

According to the original TikTok poster the superintendent eventually became involved and decided to remove the flag from the classroom.