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Black Georgia Students Suspended For Protest After White Students Wave Confederate Flag At School

Black Georgia Students Suspended For Protest After White Students Wave Confederate Flag At School
CBS46 Atlanta/YouTube

Leadership at Coosa High School in Rome, Georgia has come under fire after officials suspended Black students for voicing their anger over a group of White students who waved Confederate flags at schools and faced no repercussions.

While several White students also angrily criticized the administration, only Black students were suspended.

In response, students organized a protest outside the school.

See a local news report about the incident below.

The conflict began following a farm-themed spirit day at Coosa in which four White students came to school with Confederate flags. Several Black students who spoke out were then suspended.

Coosa administrators became aware of the planning of the ensuing protest and issued an announcement the day before warning police would be present and any students "encouraging unrest" would be reprimanded. The protest went on anyway, with several parents attending to help facilitate and monitor the situation.

Speaking to CBS46 about their reasons for attending the protest, Coosa students painted a picture of a school seemingly infected by a heavy bias toward White students.

Student Deziya Fain said:

"I felt really disrespected how the school didn't do anything about it, and when we are not allowed to wear BLM stuff, and they are allowed to carry a racist flag around."

White student Lilyan Huckaby, motioning toward herself and other White and Hispanic students, said:

"All the African Americans that was up there, they suspended them. They didn't suspend me, they didn't suspend her either, and we both disrupted all the eighth grade classes."

Parents have spoken out too.

A Black parent said she has reported several incidents of her child being called racial slurs at Coosa over the years and the administration has done nothing about it.

The school did suspend several more students for two weeks for planning or attending the protest—a period that includes the school's Homecoming festivities.

And in a truly shocking twist, it was local law enforcement who notified parents of the children's suspensions. One parent even reported being pulled over in her car by a local deputy who informed her of her student's punishment.

On Twitter, people were outraged by the situation.

Coosa's administration has not responded to media as of this writing.

The local chapter of the NAACP has gotten involved, organizing a meeting about the matter with parents at the school.