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Bisexual Guy Comes Up With Genius Way Of Getting Homophobic Men To Wear Their Face Masks


Studies indicate that many men in the United States are refusing to wear face-masks because they see it as some sort of affront to their masculinity.

Of course, the real reason any person wears a face-mask is because they wish to protect themselves and their loved ones from a deadly virus, but many men also reportedly see it as an infringement upon their personal rights.

One TikTok user found a solution to this toxic masculinity, however!

@spencelogan_ revealed his findings in a recent post.

The young man's plan was praised widely on social media!

In the video, Logan tells the story of encountering a maskless man in a grocery store.

"So, I walked up to him and said: 'Hey, are you coming out tonight?' ...Are you coming to the hole tonight?"

The man found himself putting a mask on pretty quick after talking to Logan.

"And he was like: 'I don't know what you're talking about,' and I was like: 'Oh, you're not… I get it, sorry. It's just, I'm gay and in our community, we don't wear masks others to let others know that we're down to hook-up.'"
"And he put his mask on. That's how we win this game, guys, we gotta use the toxic masculinity against them."

It's about time someone has found a good way to deal with anti-maskers!

Men especially seem to be affected by anti-mask sentiments.

There is nothing masculine about putting your community in danger.

We should all be listening to health experts and wearing masks in public spaces...and that goes for men too!