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Beyoncé Just Performed At A Pre-Wedding Celebration In India—And People Have Lots Of Questions

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I thought my friend's midnight pizza-and-nachos bar was the pinnacle of bridal decadence but good lord, I've never been wronger about anything in my life!

Indian heiress Isha Ambani has got to have taken the prize for most extravagant nuptials ever. Her pre-wedding party over the weekend—not the actual wedding, just the pre-party—was so chockablock with chartered plane arrivals that it quadrupled the usual air traffic in the historic city of Udaipur. Among those jetting in? Beyoncé.

Okay sure, rich people have celebrity wedding guests all the time, right? Except Beyoncé wasn't there to attend the wedding, like all the Bollywood stars and luminaries like Hillary Clinton and Ariana Huffington were. Bey was there to perform at what I must remind you was not even the actual wedding but rather the pre-wedding party.

Can you imagine having this much money and access? And have you called off your wedding yet because at this point, why bother?

Beyoncé posted an image of her arrival look on Instagram, and it alone was enough to ruin any and all weddings for the rest of time.

Ambani's father, Mukesh Ambani is chair of Reliance Industries, and at an estimated net worth of over $47 billion dollars is India's richest man. The party is part of an Indian wedding custom called the sangeet, a night of music and dance traditionally hosted by the bride's family. Various musicians and Bollywood stars performed, but the main event was Queen Bey herself.

A few excerpts of her performance hit the internet and IMAGINE IF THIS WAS YOUR WEDDING OH MY GOD:

Oh what's that? You have a really great DJ your cousin recommended coming to your wedding? Oh okay cool NO ONE CARES ANYMORE:


As you might expect, folks on social media had some things to say!

If nothing else, let this inspire us to aim higher in 2019:

Start listing your New Year's Resolutions now!



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