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People Break Down The Best Decisions They've Ever Made In Their Lives

Reddit user cheneyk asked: 'What was the single best decision in your life?'

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Every day we're presented with hundreds of choices.

Some have seemingly little effect, while others are life altering.

Reddit user cheneyk asked:

"What was the single best decision in your life?"

True Love

"When I was a freshman in college a friend of mine from high school who was going to the same college set me up for a date at a dance with one of her sorority sisters. Date went great and I really liked this girl."

"She called me about a week later to arrange to give me a copy of the photo we had taken together at the dance. This was way before smartphones and messaging."

"We talked for a good hour about various things and I kept trying to work in asking her out for another date, but I chickened out."

"Once we hung up I hit my head hard with the phone receiver several times, swearing at myself, and I immediately called her back and asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner and a movie that Friday and she said yes."

"That was in early 1997 and we’re still happily married. She’s also still hot, so bonus points for me!"

~ IdaDuck


"One day when I was 14, I checked the mail when I got home from school. My mom had a habit of throwing away anything addressed to me and saying it was junk mail."

"But this day I got to the mail first and found a flyer for a summer camp (free!) at a local college. I never would have known about it otherwise."

"At that camp, I learned about a public school that was residential (and free!) for math and science focused students. The Catholic school I was attending at the time worked hard to keep students from finding out about this place."

"I found out about the school with only a few months to spare in order to submit my application. And I got in."

"That school changed my life. It got me out of a deeply toxic household, connected me with treatment for my depression, and set me up for college in a way I never otherwise could have accessed."

"I was a first generation college student, but that school connected me to scholarships, introduced me to faculty, and gave me lab work skills all before I graduated high school. I went to undergrad and grad school on a full ride and I’m a college professor now."

"And I never would have gone down this path at all, but for checking the mail that day."

~ ApparentAlmond

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"My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while I was in the midst of the busiest time of my career, working for a company that demanded long hours and had peak 2010s 'hustle culture' vibes."

"From the moment of her diagnosis, I immediately told my company they were taking the backseat and her health and spending time with her was my only priority, and I wouldn't waver on it."

"What followed was a heartbreaking, frustrating, and upsetting time where her health rapidly deteriorated. But the time allowed her and I to have conversations and moments that are among the most beautiful moments of my life."

"I helped her through anguishing pain and reciprocated a small amount of the love and sacrifice she gave to me when she was a single mother raising me."

"In the end, my employer was fine. My job was safe. My career endured. My mom passed away eight weeks after we learned about that stupid disease."

"The only solace was that I decided to spend as much time as possible with her and actually did it."

~ PezCherryFlavoredPez

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

"Joining the Air Force. Second best decision: getting out of the Air Force."

"I went to pilot training, which provided a lucrative skill & experience."

"I already had my private pilots license, but building the hours you need for a commercial license on your own dime is expensive."

~ theguineapigssong

Unconditional Affection

"Getting my cat."

"She's my world and probably the only reason I'm still alive."

~ ClassicVegtableStew

"Cat’s literally will make anyone’s life better. They are our soul mates."

"They’ve gotten me out of a lot of tough places. Would do anything for my cats."

~ CollignonGoFetch

"I can totally relate—I love my dog. Pets are infinitely better than people."

"They don’t have politics or religious views. They don’t care what race, ethnicity, color, or creed you are."

"They’re not bothered by piercings or dyed hair, and they don’t care about your sexual preference. They just want to love and be loved."

"They just want attention. And pets. And food. And to play. OK, they want lots, but they’re still great."

~ cheneyk

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Breaking Free

"When I finally broke free of the toxic church I grew up in."

"When I finally accepted myself without feeling guilt or shame, I felt a huge weight lifted."

"I was 33 when I finally got out."

"I’m more agnostic, possibly atheist now, but I honestly don’t even think about stuff like that anymore."

"I believe more scientifically about things and that there must be some type of life in our massively expansive universe. And when we die, we just go back to the cycle of life."

"I don’t care what others believe. We all have a right to believe what we want and that’s OK by me as long as we all respect each other."

~ kikashoots

Mental Health

"Going into therapy—schema therapy—was the best decision I’ve ever made."

"Changed my whole life and view on myself, others and the world."

~ Linamoon22

So Fresh, So Clean

"Installing a bidet toilet seat."

~ outoftheashes

"The water line to my bidet runs through an unheated crawl space."

"Winter mornings are … bracing."

~ Renaissance_Slacker

"It really is a life changing device that is cheap."

"You will feel so clean after using it."

~ sengir0

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Taking A Break

"Quitting my highly toxic job and took a long sabbatical by traveling around US in 80 days last year."

"The decision was compounded by chronic anxiety and depression and the death of a dear friend."

"I realized life is way too short and decided to live it on my own terms before it's too late."

"After my sabbatical, I felt a greater sense of hope and optimism for my life ahead as well as greatly reduced level of anxiety and stress."

"I got a new job that allowed me to work from home; granted, I got a pay cut (I made 6-figures before) but all that money ain't worth it if my mental health suffers."

"My relationship with family and friends also improved; not that it was bad to begin with, but I appreciate them more in my life."

~ zabakaeru

Addressing Health

"Losing 80lbs. It took me about a year and I got started in the depth of COVID where I really started to realize my body and habits were seriously unhealthy."

"Made transitioning into college and so much easier with so much more confidence."

~ FarBat1693

Reproductive Healthcare

"Going on birth control to stop my horrendous periods—it turned out that I had endometriosis and for years doctors just told me to 'take a tylenol and deal with it'."

"I haven't had a period in six years and I'm not anemic or severely underweight anymore, plus I can wear light-colored clothing and not have to worry about ruining any of it!"

"I also don't have to call off work for cramps so bad that I'm throwing up."

~ one_angry_custodian

"I went off birth control in my mid-20s because I thought it might be causing my nausea. I found out my insane mood swings were a reaction to the hormones."

"I had an endometrial/uterine ablation to address my endometriosis. Basically they power washed the inside of my uterus with boiling water, which destroys the uterine lining.

"After 2 years, my periods are back but they are very light and way more manageable. I am probably going to look into having it done again, but more out of convenience than necessity."

"The recovery was like a super mild version of my regular period."

~ LaLaLaLeeaComfort

"Switched to moisture wicking boxer briefs."

"I made sure my sons knew that these exist so they won’t have to suffer with cotton like we did."

~ cheneyk

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Cutting Back

"I’m not entirely sober, but I’ve gone from drinking a few nights a week to drinking a few nights a month, and aiming to decrease that as well to just social occasions."

"And I’ve also been drinking less on the evening I do drink. It’s been a good change."

~ accioqueso

A New Start

"A little over a year ago I dropped everything and moved to the other side of the country."

"Fresh start. I got a great job now. My own apartment."

"And it snows here!"

~ CeruleanFirefawx

Let It Go

"Learning to not be angry, hurt & bitter & to just simply be done with certain individuals and/or circumstances."

"The most difficult part for me was owning my own role."

"Sounds easy in theory, but it was tough."

~ Shawty43

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Some of these choices involved major lifestyle changes, while others were minor but had a major impact.

What's the best decision you ever made?