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Conservation Foundation Creates Adorable 'Bee Influencer' In The Fight To Save The Bees

Conservation Foundation Creates Adorable 'Bee Influencer' In The Fight To Save The Bees
The character is helping raise awareness about the plight of bees (Bee_nfluencer/BEEFUND)

Have you seen those computer-generated models?

Well someone is taking it to the next step, but for a good cause.

A computer-generated insect “influencer" has been making a buzz on social media with an Instagram account that aims to help protect bees.

The social media presence named B was created by Fondation de France in June, and claims to be the “first bee influencer."

In the four months since the Instagram account was created, B has gained more than 137,000 followers.

Fondation de France said any money raised by B will be donated to the BEEFUND to help with conservation efforts to protect the species.

Thierry Gissinger, manager of environmental programs at Fondation de France, told PA:

"The Fondation de France, a leading philanthropy network in France, has been committed for 50 years to environmental and biodiversity issues, and decided to help B in the fight to save bees by becoming her sponsor."
“[B] shares her daily life as a bee and as an influencer on her Instagram account. She aims to become famous to generate visibility around the disappearance of her kind."

Fondation de France said B's Instagram is a long-term project, but sadly the group will not be creating any further animal-themed social media accounts.

Gissinger said:

“B is a long-term project that we are not planning to stop."
“The success is amazing and we really wanted B to become a worldwide well-known influencer to spread her message of bee protection all around the world."

And the bees certainly get up to all sorts of things.

Like, meeting other animals.

And, presenting projects to help the environment.

Even going to museums.

A little holiday spirit too.

'Tis the season!

Work it B!

Netflix and chill?

And of course, shopping!

With B's reusable tote.

But there are still so many more possibilities for the future.

So many places to go, so many things to see and bee.

Hopefully we step it up and actually help the bees.