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Infamous 'BBC Dad' And His Family Give An Update On Life As They're Quarantined In South Korea

Infamous 'BBC Dad' And His Family Give An Update On Life As They're Quarantined In South Korea

With the viral pandemic in full swing, many people are trying to adapt to working from home.

For some, this is a blessing that was withheld for some strange reason.

For others, there's a lot to consider especially since their kids are stuck at home too.

Which is why we're so excited that Robert Kelly and his family have given us a view into their lives once again.

Kelly and his wife, Kim Jung-a went on BBC once again to talk about their life in lock down in South Korea. And their children are as rowdy as ever.

Back in 2017, the family became an internet sensation when the children burst into the very same room while Kelly was giving a live interview about South Korea's political upheaval.

Here's the original video in case you need the reminder.

As Kelly, a professor of political science, explained his thoughts on the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye, his daughter enters the room, very triumphantly.

While he doesn't pause the interview, he does try to get her to leave the room. However, she's quickly joined by her younger brother in a walker.

The whole scene is complete when Kim enters the room, sliding in socks, to get the kids out.

The family has become an internet staple any time we talk about webcam interviews. They've given us updates from time to time on their lives.

Which is great, because we love this family.

Kim explains the challenge of working from home with children who are forced to stay inside most of the day.

"It's very difficult to stay in the house for a long time."
"A couple times a week, we hike a hill. This is spring season in Korea, so we try to go see the flowers and trees and they can shout and scream."

It might seem extreme, but the country has handled the outbreak better than many countries. They've worked to test as many people as possible and the spread of the disease is slowing thanks to these measures.

That said, Kelly has found it can be difficult figuring out what to do with two lively children forced to stay indoors.

Kelly and Kim's son, James, seems to be the better behaved of the two children. Despite this, he still makes faces at the screen, and at one point, just up and leaves to get a video game.

Their daughter, Marion, is particularly fun on screen. The little girl who burst into the room three years ago has lost none of her pep.

During the most recent interview, Kelly does his best to get her to sit still, but she just doesn't stop.

With all the insanity of dealing with this viral pandemic, it's nice to have such a fun video, and to check in with one of the internet's favorite families.

It's also a reminder of the things we need to do to tackle this disease. Social distancing, self-imposed isolation, and proper hygiene are all going to be high priority until we see this outbreak get under control.

But maybe instead of seeing our children as another hassle, we can see them as the same positive interruption Kelly endures.

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