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Barbie Apparently Has A Last Name, & Twitter Is Freaking Out

Barbie Apparently Has A Last Name, & Twitter Is Freaking Out
(adil ali/YouTube, @WHYTomxford/Twitter)

Barbie doll collectors experienced a wake-up call over the revelation that the iconic Mattel toy had a legitimate identity after a photo was posted on Twitter commemorating National Siblings Day.

Suddenly, everyone's favorite plastic doll that inspired many facelifts became more of a person with news of her full name.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing: The Roberts Sisters!

Wait, what? Barbie is Ms. Roberts as well? Who knew? Apparently, it's common knowledge.

How could you not know?!


Others would disagree that Barbie had a surname at all since it's nowhere to be found on the toy's packaging.

It was a shocker for many fans.

But for those who've collected the dolls for years, they weren't privy to the fact that there was an extension to her name at all. It was jarring.

True fans would know better if they've seen a Barbie movie.

Dropping the last name cemented the fashion doll's place in pop culture for decades. If Madonna and Cher could do it, then Barbie - whom Mattel Inc. launched in 1959 - was a single-moniker pioneer.

But there was another bombshell revelation. Barbie had a middle name as well! How much of a Barbie fan are you?

Prepare to be woke.

Some people didn't clue in to the fact that Barbie is a common nickname for Barbara.

Minds were blown and shattered this fan's innocence over the news.

There's always one person who undermines hysteria. Let's get real.

But this is high stakes.

Let's not even go here. Because knowing about Ken "Carson" would just be overkill.

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