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Protesters Are Hoping To Get A Giant 'Baby Trump' Balloon To Fly Overhead During His UK Visit 😂

Protesters Are Hoping To Get A Giant 'Baby Trump' Balloon To Fly Overhead During His UK Visit 😂
(NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images, @crisortunity/Twitter)

Protestors are preparing in advance of Trump's visit to the U.K. on July 12 where he is scheduled to meet Theresa May and the Queen. To avoid public scrutiny, Trump plans to keep a low profile by avoiding an appearance in London during his 3-day visit.

However, activists are hoping a crowd-funded campaign that features a 19-feet tall balloon of an orange, baby Trump will more than make up for his absence in England's capital.

Unfortunately, British authorities took the proverbial pin to the Trump balloon idea, calling the project a breach of protesting guidelines.

British environmentalist Leo Murray, 41, spearheaded the Baby Trump campaign, and told Time on Tuesday: "This is how the world sees him."

This is what we tried to do here, encapsulate in a very simple graphic metaphor, what the world understands Donald Trump to be.
This is not a protest against America or Americans. This is a protest against what Donald Trump is turning America into.

Activists are still negotiating with London authorities to obtain permission for launching the yuge balloon over Parliament Square during the protests while the president is visiting.

London officials are calling the Trump Baby balloon "art," and is therefore, not qualified to be displayed as part of a demonstration.

According to Time, the campaign exceeded its original goal of $2000 and collected $13,200 from 718 people.

It costs roughly $1,050 to inflate the balloon with helium. So what is Murray hoping to do with the excess money? Take the Trump Baby on tour, of course.

We're hoping the extra money is going to allow Baby Trump to go on tour, to visit the United States but also other assorted locations around the world where Donald Trump may be going. Hopefully Baby Trump is going to start haunting him, following him around.

People are skeptical over Saidq Khan's reasoning for prohibiting the balloon's appearance.

Anti-Trump activists remain hopeful the project will soar over London's skies.

But no one is giving up. Trump Baby is not completely over yet.

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