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Guns N' Roses Frontman Axl Rose Returns From Three-Month Social Media Hiatus To Throw Shade At Trump

Axl Rose, lead singer for the rock band Guns N' Roses, often takes long breaks from Twitter.

When he inevitably returns, however, it's often to speak out against President Trump and his administration.

Rose's first tweet of 2020, on February 10, was a simple image calling for President Trump's removal from the White House.

Guns N' Roses fans who follow Axl closely weren't surprised.

Rose has spoken out against the Trump administration in the past, decrying the President's inaccuracies and lies.

He once called out the Trump White House as "disgraceful."

Many of Rose's Twitter followers were glad to see him taking a stand against President Trump.

Guns N' Roses, like many bands, have tried to get the Trump campaign to stop playing their music at rallies.

Removing Donald Trump from the White House by electing a Democrat is an uphill battle, but Axl Rose is ready for it.

Axl Rose...welcome to the resistance?