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Australian Woman Shocked After Confusing Dog Toy With Tasmanian Devil That Snuck Into Her Home

Kirsten Lynch mistook the marsupial for her dog's plush toy.

Tasmanian Devil
The Guardian

If you have a dog, then you know the struggle of trying to find all the missing dog toys.

If you're anything like me, then most of them end up under the couch, table, bed and all over the place.

So, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary when Australian Kirsten Lynch reached down to retrieve another dog toy.

Or so she thought.

What she found was not a dog toy.

She found a real life Tasmanian devil.

When asked what happened, Lynch said she just reached for it.

“I went to reach for it, the devil shot underneath the couch.”

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She recounted how scared her family was when they realized what was in their house.

“We were concerned that if she or he was cornered and scared they would bite someone.”

Her husband chased the creature out of their house with a broom while Lynch and her children sat on top of their kitchen table.

“So at some stage, the family were standing on the dining table, which in itself was classically funny."
“I got the fright of my life.But to be honest, I think the poor thing was more terrified of us.”

Twitter, as usual, found the humor in the situation.

Others were a little more concerned.

You can see the news coverage of the incident here:

Tasmanian devil shooed out of Hobart home after woman mistakes it for dog

Lynch stated she believed the Tasmanian devil followed her new dog in through the door.

“The devil got through the fence behind Gecko and walked in through the door that we leave open for her as she’s still potty training.”

Tasmanian devils are not typically known to go indoors, however this time of year young devils can find themselves in urban areas looking for food and ways to survive without their parents.

Many people probably think of the Loony Tunes character when they think of a Tasmanian devil, however the real animal is not like that at all.

The Tasmanian devil was declared an endangered species in 2008 and ironically the cartoon character, Taz, played a role in generating awareness and support for the animal.

Even though the creature snuck into Lynch's house and gave her and her family a scare, she still couldn't help but notice how cute it was.

“It was very cute.”