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Elderly Woman Grooves As She DJs Outside A Library In Viral Video—And Becomes An Instant Legend

Elderly Woman Grooves As She DJs Outside A Library In Viral Video—And Becomes An Instant Legend

A small library in Canberra, Australia quickly landed on the map after a 35 second video of a woman in her sixties went viral.

The woman was DJing, using some much-loved songs from the '90s and early 2000's. She was visibly enjoying herself with a big smile and impressive dance moves while she worked.

You can watch the video here:

The video was shared by former NBA player Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) on Twitter and rapidly went viral.

Many were impressed by the video and loved the general vibe.

A longer version was available on Facebook.

Landspeed Records Canberra captioned the video:

"DJ Sue from @runarounddjs bringing the 🔥 to Dickson shops this morning. — in Dickson, Australian Capital Territory, Australia."

One Twitter user, Julian Abbott, a reporter for Australia's ABC network, was able to shed more light on what was going on in the video.

Abbott explained:

"This is my local shops at Dickson in Canberra, Australia."
"This was a couple of Saturday's ago."
"The local government pays for her and other musicians to vibe up the place."
"She was really in to it and quite a few folk were as well."

Some Twitter users were impressed Canberra, Australia's local government was covering anything arts-related, but according to a few other Australian locals, the government has been doing what it can to encourage people to take back the lives they were missing during 2020 due to the pandemic.

This includes DJing outside of libraries, stipends to attend concerts and other artistic events and increasing sales at stores that encourage self-expression, such as craft supply shops. The general consensus is to put the fun and joy back into these locations, rather than people continuing to be worried about leaving their homes.

The woman who was boosting the mood outside of the Dickson Library in Canberra was soon identified as 63-year-old Sue Freeman, or "DJ Sue," who has been DJing for years.

DJ Sue shared during an interview with ABC News Australia:

"I've been [DJing] now for 10 years, so I started a while ago."
"And I would never have imagined that I'd be DJing for that long."
"And sometimes now, it blows me away even thinking about it."
"Standing in the Dickson Shops, like, I see people really enjoying the music, and it's so much fun."
"It's like the best job you could ever ask for."

This is such a fun and heartwarming video to see circling around the internet. With this much attention to one video, there are sure to be more soon.