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News Broadcast Baffles Viewers After Segment Ends With Bizarre Footage Of Satanic Worship


Somehow, on an Australian news broadcast, a clip of a satanic worship ceremony was spliced into a story about parliament legislation and police dogs. The segment was featured on Australia's ABC network.

The clip was posted to the Media Watch Twitter account.

The news report showed a brief two second clip of the ceremony which showed three people lit in red next to an upside down cross and a table with a pentacle and candle.

The person with a black cloak draped over them lifted their hands and said:

"Hail Satan."

Broadcaster Yvonne Yong moved right along to the next story without any change in facial expression. She truly kept her composure during that strange mix up.

Though Yong's recovery was smooth, viewers certainly noticed the bizarre mix up.

ABC Media Watch updated later that it was from a story they covered about the Noosa Temple of Satan formed in December 2019 in defiance of the Australian government's proposal for a religious discrimination bill.

We still don't know how that footage ended up in that story, but we sure are glad it did for the laughs.

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