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Woman Films As Texas Cop Grabs His Crotch After She Asks For His Name During Tense Altercation

Woman Films As Texas Cop Grabs His Crotch After She Asks For His Name During Tense Altercation

A TikTok video of a woman's encounter with an Austin, Texas police officer has left many outraged after the officer answered the woman's request for his name by grabbing his crotch.

The lewd gesture came after the officer had yelled at the TikToker, who goes by kimikat90 on the app, and threatened to pepper spray her.

Kimikat90's video of the incident, seen below, has gone viral on TikTok.


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In the video, the police officer could be seen loudly commanding kimikat90 to move her car to another location across the street. When she repeatedly asked for his name, he became increasingly more belligerent, yelling "get over there" and "hurry up" several times.

The officer then threatened to pepper spray her, saying:

"You wanna get pepper-sprayed? Get over there. Hurry up!"

Kimikat90 continued asking both an off-camera person and the officer himself for his name. The officer finally responded by grabbing his crotch and saying, "Deez nuts."

Kimikat90 explained in a follow-up video the incident occurred in Austin, Texas right by her house while she was on her way back to work following her lunch break.


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In another, she explained how the incident began.


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According to Kimikat90, the officer was an off-duty cop working for a private company, directing traffic onto a detour.

Kimikat90 asked him for directions, because the officer was forcing her to make a right turn rather than a left. In return, the officer threatened to arrest her.

As she explained:

"I'm asking for direction, and he charges towards me, and this guy goes nuts, and he's like, 'Oh I'm going to f*cking arrest you if you don't turn.'"

After the incident, Kimikat90 says she was so upset she was crying. She then called 911 and reported the officer.

Many of her fellow TikTokers were outraged by the encounter.











Kimikat90 also said she has been talking to a lawyer to "see what we can do" about the incident.