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Crowd Cheers As Anti-Vaxxer Calls City Official 'Aunt Jemima' And Tells Another 'I Hope You Hang'

Crowd Cheers As Anti-Vaxxer Calls City Official 'Aunt Jemima' And Tells Another 'I Hope You Hang'

Comments made during a Board of Supervisors meeting in San Diego County, California sparked public outcry. The speaker during the public comment period made racial insults and wished for death upon members of the board.

The public were commenting on the county's response to the ongoing pandemic. Last month, the board approved a mandate that would require new employees to show proof they've been vaccinated.

The speaker took to the podium to insult the board's attempts to protect the public.

In the full video, the man introduces himself as Jason Robo, and calls the board traitors. He goes on to claim that 80% of deaths report low vitamin D, and that the board is murdering people with vaccines.

After this, he starts making threats and insults directly at the board.

The man says to San Diego County Supervisor Nora Vargas:

"Vargas, I can't wait for your arteries to clog. They're not doing it fast enough."

For the Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Nathan Fletcher, he says:

"And Nathan, you should kill yourself."

He then turns his attention to Dr. Wilma Wooten, M.D. who serves as the County Public Health Director.

The speaker makes multiple racist comments about Dr. Wooten.

"Wooten, you're Aunt Jemima. Syrup won't sweeten and cause your diabetic coma fast enough."

At this point, Vargas speaks up, telling the man he is not allowed to say that to Dr. Wooten. The man responds by insulting Vargas' weight, and the two argue over the speaker apologizing to Dr. Wooten.

The man's racist comments found their way online.

After the argument, the speaker was informed his time had expired and asked to leave. He yelled to the board they were the ones who were expired and walked away with his hand in the air.

This earned him some cheers from the other public speakers who were also there to protest the protections from the global pandemic.

The man who spoke is named Jason Robo, an aspiring comedian and fitness trainer. After his racist rant was shared online he is also a now former radio host.

Robo is a somewhat known and controversial figure in the San Diego County area, including when he ran for City Council of Blue Lake.

The news it was him spewing conspiracy nonsense and throwing racist insults didn't surprise some.

After the public comment period was over, the council addressed the public who gathered to voice their concerns.

Nathan Fletcher said:

"Some of you have legitimate points—you have fair points that deserve to be heard."
"But they are completely debased and completely erased with this for-fun or for-sport mindset on how racist can I be, how rude can I be to the staff, how absurd can I be."
"There's gotta be some point—and those of you who cheer them on are just as guilty."