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Anthony Michael Hall's Looks From 'Edward Scissorhands' May Have Been More Fashion-Forward Than We Ever Expected

20th Century Fox // @franhoepfner/Twitter

We all remember Anthony Michael Hall as the resident dweeb from The Breakfast Club, right?

But you also remember him as the studly––but evil––jock from Edward Scissorhands, too, right?

Of course you do. It was quite a transformation.

But could any of us have foreseen that Anthony Michael Hall's looks from Edward Scissorhands––great film, see it if you haven't––would be so fashion forward?

I mean... seriously.

He'd be right at home in 2019, that's for sure.


Look at that vintage wash! Do we need any more proof that fashion is cyclical?

Look at that T-shirt!

Many of us can relate.

Ladies and gentlemen, we had a style icon on our hands all this time and we didn't realize it.

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